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Quest For The Witch Chapter Two

Updated on November 8, 2013

Chapter 2 Test

"Ho ho," went the caped woman in the black dress. She raised the brim of her crooked witch's hat away from her eyes and looked to the children that she had watched over for the past decade and half. "What's this I see? Trying to run away, are we? Well, I can't say I'm surprised. You - are - coming to that age, after all."

Alexandra could do little to hide her fear, even with her wits still intact. Her spirits sank, for she knew that her one shot at freedom was now gone. All these long months of preparation had been for nothing. She could feel Caesar trembling beside her and the guilt ate at her. Although he knew the risks involved in defying a powerful witch like Gwendolyn, he still stuck by Alexandra in her attempts to leave the land borders of the witch. He was a true friend, indeed. And now, he'll probably be turned into a toilet.

She could not let that happen.

With renewed bravery, Alexandra got back on her feet and stepped between Caesar and the witch. She was ready to unleash the power of a spell that was at the tip of her tongue.

Gwendolyn's worldly wisdom-filled eyes widened with astonishment for by the briefest of a moment before twinkling with amusement. She nodded her head, crossing her arms as if she realized something new, which was not rare, despite the infinitely long years she had been alive.

"I see, I see," she said, with a big, tomboyish grin on her face. "So it has come to this, at last."

Alexandra lowered her fists which she did not notice that she had raised. What was she talking about? For all the years that she had been raised by the witch, she still could not understand her thinking processes. And for that matter, she knew little of the witch herself, other than the legends that surrounded her name, which she learned from her childhood friends she was allowed to play with at the witch's permission. Many children used to flock to the witch's beautiful lair, hoping that their children would one day learn under Gwendolyn's tutelage. Not many stuck around save for Alexandra's true friends.

Gwendolyn, the Immortal Witch, was arguably the most powerful magician in the world still alive today. Her origins were unknown, other than that it must have been a civilization and culture that was long dead. All over the world, she had appeared, influencing the course of countries and kingdoms. Many a hero sought her guidance, and only with a price paid would she give it. Never had she stuck to a single form. Sometimes she was a beautiful woman. Other times, she was a crone with wrinkles that reflected her true age. Her favored form, however, was that of a little girl who was yet to grow into her preteens. From this, Alexandra personally thought that this little girl must have been Gwendolyn's true form, although there was no other evidence than the frequency of that form's usage.

"Well, I suppose it is time for you to leave the nest," Gwendolyn said, rubbing her chin in thought.

"Huh?" went Alexandra. Were her ears deceiving her? Did Gwendolyn just say what she thought she said? This was just too good to be true.

"What's the catch?" Caesar asked, taking the words right out of Alexandra's thoughts. His eyes were narrow and suspicious. As expected of the shrewdest of his class.

Gwendolyn transformed into her child form and scowled. Still, Caesar was unaffected. He had three little sisters who try to get their way with puppy dog eyes and cute faces. Constantly having to deal with that had made him immune. The witch reverted to her ageless woman form when it was clear to her that the form that got her free snacks, food, candies and other things would not work on him. She pitied the child that would have him for a father.

"Of course, I'll need you to do something for me," Gwendolyn said. "There's something that only Alexandra can do, and I guess I'll have you tag along with her, to keep her safe. But before I can let you go, I'll have to see if you really are ready for the outside world. You should have all the common sense stuff down. I know that much for sure. But what about defending yourself against danger? It's not all about flowers and sunshines out there. Trust me on that."

"A test?" Alexandra asked, feeling the dread rising to her windpipe. She didn't like the sound of that. Whenever Gwendolyn issued a test, Alexandra always ended up having to find more and more effective cleaning spells for herself. And there were many occasions where Gwendolyn had to stay home to make sure Alexandra recovered.

"That's right," Gwendolyn said with a witch-like smile playing on her face. "I'm going to test you AND the boy."

"Me?" Caesar exclaimed, his face turning as white as milk. He had heard all about Gwendolyn's infamous tests, and could get a clear picture from the after effects afflicted on Alexandra. "Hold on, maybe we can talk about this?"

"Too late!" Gwendolyn said with a smile. She was a little girl again, sitting on a large, gnarled stick that floated in the air, like one would ride a witch's broomstick. The sky went dark, save for the large, full moon that bathed everything in green. Green was Gwendolyn's favorite color. Rythmic beats echoed throughout the valley that the mansion watched over.

Alexandra looked around panting, her heart racing faster than a dragonfly's wings. Something was coming. Something very big was coming.

"You might need that sword, so I suggest you draw it out," Gwendolyn said as she ascended toward the cloudless heavens, nodding toward Caesar's weapon. She was but a dot in the cloud when the large, metalic monstrosity made its appearance, letting out a roar that sounded like grinding metal.

An ape-like being of metal lumbered up the hill with a long, coiling silicon tail. Its head was that of rottweiler dog and its claws were talons When it roared again at the two cowering failed escapees, Alexandra saw symbols etched on the surface of the monster's tongue. After the monster was finished roaring, shooting hot breath at Alexandra and Caesar, the two screamed their lungs empty and ran for the safety of the mansion which, of course, disappeared into mist and was gone, leaving only a large marble arena.

Alexandra veered away from the arena having learned from experience that she would only entrap herself and the monster in it. Unfortunately, she was not as detailed in her stories to Caesar. Unaware of the traps that Gwendolyn had tendency to set, he ran straight through the emerald archway that stood at the front of the arena. The archway grew to accomodate the following large metal golem, and then shrank again,

"You idiot!" Alexandra cried out when she saw Caesar's mistake. She ran toward Caesar, and once she was within the arena, walls of smooth emerald stone grew from the ground to box the three in.

"What in the world?" Caesar exclaimed. He had no more time to say more. Once it was within the arena's borders, the golem smashed down on the young man. Had Alexandra not summoned wind to blow him away, Caesar would have been crushed.

Flying on her staff, the little girl form of the thousand-year-old witch looked with sharp eyes that clashed against the cuteness of her appearance. Silently, she watched without a hint of anxiety, as the two children she had watched grow up for fifteen years regrouped and made battle plans.

"What do we do?" Caesar asked, his sword drawn and pointed to the metal golem's face.

"We have to destroy the golem's life runes," Alexandra explained. "It's the only way to stop them."

"Great! Where is it?"

Alexandra hesitated before answering. She got a very good look of the runes when the monster roared at her face. "It's . . . on its tongue."

Caesar swore.

The golem was upon them and lashed out. Caesar and Alexandra quickly split, the effort causing both of them to lose balance and land on their bottoms. Caesar struck at the metal beast, and his sword was snapped in half on impact.

What a piece of junk! Caesar thought, but refrained from saying aloud.

Alexandra narrowly escaped death thrice before she had a chance to cast a spell. And the fireball was useless. When it was flung, the mass of heat bounced off the shell of the golem and exploded at her feet, ruining her skirt and shoes. She feinted left then lurched right when the golem came after her. The golem swiped at her, but she ducked down just in time before shooting lightning into its mouth. That did absolutely nothing except make the golem's mouth glow.

The golem roared again before taking a bite at Alexandra. It got some marble instead. But instead of spitting the stone pieces out, it swallowed it and then made its way again toward Alexandra.

Sword or no sword, Caesar wasn't going to let some overgrown tin can eat his friend. He threw what was left of the sword at the behemoth and screamed for its attention. He got it, and now he had to run around like a headless chicken in order to stay alive. The maneuver worked like a charm and he was able to escape being crushed several times over. But a very narrow experience made him lose the backside of his britches. When Alexandra saw, she screamed.

Caesar tried to cover up his bottom, but the golem would not stop trying to either eat him, or crush him to death.

"Stop blushing and do something!" he screamed before ducking down to avoid being whipped by the golem's lengthy tail.

"What do I do?" Alexandra said in a panicky high voice.


The golem roared again, its tongue extended high to the green moon. Suddenly, a light bulb lit above Alexandra's head. She removed the light bulb from its place and tossed it aside. Sometimes, her magic just does random things without her meaning to.

"Keep it distracted!" she shouted to Caesar. Caesar didn't know what Alexandra was thinking, but he hoped that she had some kind of plan. And he hoped that whatever she had planned worked and didn't involve him as a sacrifice.

As Caesar was evading the monster's blows with random sudden movements, Alexandra was still with concentration. She willed all of her powers to gather. Wind circled around her feet. As she summoned all her power, she chanted a spell with her voice being carried to far places with the wind.

When the final syllable was uttered, Alexandra raised her hands high into the air and then brought them down at full speed. Her timing couldn't have been more perfect. She had held the spell back as best she could, waiting for the opportune moment. Her breath was ragged and she was breaking out in cold sweat from the effort of keeping the heavy spell up.

Caesar was finally cornered in the left corner of the arena. With his back against the wall, there was nowhere left to run, and nothing else to do except pray for a miracle. The golem roared again, and that was when a giant anvil the size of an adult cow dropped from the sky, landing right on top of the golem's head.

The golem clamped its mouth shut over its tongue, severing it in half. The outer half dropped to the marble floor. Then the lifeless shell of the golem did the same. It swayed side to side, then wobbled back before falling backward in a crashing boom. At its feet, Caesar was laughing hysterically, grateful to be alive.

The test was over. The golem had fallen. This was Alexandra's victory.


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    • vkwok profile imageAUTHOR

      Victor W. Kwok 

      4 years ago from Hawaii

      So one would think. Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

    • klidstone1970 profile image

      இڿڰۣ-- кιмвєяℓєу 

      4 years ago from Niagara Region, Canada

      Alexandra has more gumption than what she thinks. I have a feeling she is going to give the witch a run for her money.


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