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Sollest for Morgen

Updated on July 11, 2014

Why do I fear to move

Why do I fear to speak

Why is it I can't grasp

That I'm no longer weak

How do I pass the time

How do I pass'em by

How can't I make a tear

When I'm crying alone at night

Where do I go from here

Where is my home out here

Where do I take my life

When I can't take a thing with me

What is real and what is fake

What's it like t'have everything

What's the reason for life's.... life

And kids complain about something nice

When do I leave this space

When will things fall in place

When will I see again

The missed ones I held in hand

Who can teach me what I'm not taught

Who will take me when I'm gone

Who has less than what I have

'Cause I know deep, mine's not as bad

© 2013 Brandon Jared Martin


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