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Poems, Peace, and Memories Spent

Updated on August 26, 2012
The San Marcos River in San Marcos, Texas
The San Marcos River in San Marcos, Texas

A Message for Paul Asbury

Maybe it's the way you talk, and maybe it came out of fear.

Maybe it's the way you walk, but these reasons seem so mere.

The answers are sealed away and locked, and the key is your tear.

I know the feeling is strong as rock. From this path, I may not veer.

I can't see why it's still a shock, after all its been almost a year.

Before that day, you, I would not mock. Before that day I held you dear.

On goes the clock's tock. I am you, and you are me. Can you adhere?

Question the Things You Trust

Why does society divide and segregate people into classes? Why fight with an iron sword, and not with an ink pen? The answers will vary, because the truth will bend.

Life is mercurial; unpredictable, and gone in just flashes. And hurriedly, now, conforms itself into then. Who are we kidding? Life is just pretend.

Why live converged on secular things like cash, and who is smartest of men? Listen to the tidings I am attempting to send.

Together cultures collide with a clash, the only inquisition is when. Aspire to excerpt the triumphant side to defend.

Whether at church for Sunday morning mass, or at the edifice alongside your kin, there is invariably a moment to give and to lend.

Everyone ought to entirely complete their tasks, before being develops into been, lest the Grim Reaper comes to say, "The End".

Thoughts on the Mind

~ Although dark clouds overpower the sky, I know that somewhere the sun is shinning.

~ I have patiently watched the days go by, patiently waiting, but internally pining.

~ I've been learning how to say, "I'll try.", and I can try to halt all of my whining.

~ Being common and normal, I will not comply. Personality and opinion, I am defining.

~ I am independent, yet far from shy, and I wouldn't skip out on dining.

~ My morals and respect, I do not defy, but my choices, I am refining.

~ On humans, you and I can not rely. After all there is no rewinding.

~ To ignorance, we can not reply, because we will lose the silver lining.

~ Life is confusing, but don't ask why, because its purpose, I am not finding.

Dead and On Top
Dead and On Top

Farewell Brother

Here you are now,

But tomorrow you are gone.

I hope you get out,

I hope you make bond.

You really should know,

It all came from your decisions.

I wish that I could help,

But I don't think you would listen.

I may be your younger brother,

But I am very far from dumb.

You're going away for awhile,

Thinking about it makes me numb.

I almost come to tears,

When I think of you and your son.

You might be gone for years,

When you could be having fun.

I hate to see it happen,

But I witnessed the whole thing.

It's never over, remember,

Until the fat lady sings.

You still have time,

To fix all of your wrong choices.

All you need to learn,

Is to listen to the right voices.

Learning here is the key,

Learning right from the wrong.

Then again, I find myself,

Singing the same old, same old, song.

Twisted Fate & Sick Addiction

While growing up and learning about life,
You have to choose from wrong and right.
You choose to go here or there,
Living life without a single care.
And while on the road of life you see an exit lane,
That seems promising and fun and rids all your pain.
Some automatically choose from here or there,
But some people procrastinate and stare.
The exit is filled with people and lights.
The other is filled with boring nights.
You turn on your car to head the other way,
But someone offers you words that betray.
Just one time they say trying to convince.
They say it helps and makes life mince.
So you do it, and it feels fun and good,
And you think it's great, so everyone should!
So you keep living on in a painless trance.
You say it makes things good, like an extra enhance.
Your walking on til an old friend asks you what happend.
Now your offended and say at any time you could suspend!
You can stop anytime because your not addicted,
But just wait what happens when you call it restricted.
You stop for a little bit but slowly crawl back to it,
And your excuse is there's no reason to not do it.
So you start back with the same old ways,
But then something new brightens your day.
Just snort a little bit, you will like the feeling.
You reject it but find it slightly appealing.
Now your "friends" are mad and say you missed out.
Now under their pressure you try to sort it all out.
Thinking your being normal by sticking with the crowd,
But deep down inside you hear the words you vowed.
When you were younger, you said never,
But never turned into a bad endeavor.
You don't like what your doing, but can't stop.
When you have it you feel as in life you're on top.
That's delusional thinking and you have it all wrong.
In life you feel this is were you belong,
So you ignore the warnings and signs,
Thinking your light is the brightest to shine.
Your old friends call you and say come have fun,
But your caught up in drugs so you dont go, you run.
You think it gives you everything you need,
And when help comes your way you never heed.
Until one day you notice the direction your heading,
And all the lies over the truth begin shredding.
You think back to your past and the things that made you happy,
And now you think that drugs are really kind of crappie.
But it's too late now, the addiction is too strong.
It's hard, so you continue just living in the wrong.
You turn around to stop and live a different way,
But as soon as you turn around, your friends beg stay.
This is a life decision, yes or no.
Live life good, or live life low.
I can no longer say anything more or less,
Because your decision decides the rest...
Think about it

Reassurance Stands Firm

~I love you so much! Yes, I do. I love you way more than the sky is blue.~

~Through highs and lows, right here I'll stay. I'll wait for you to fall, and catch with no delay.~

~Your gorgeous eyes can light up a room. We were destined to meet while in the womb.~

~I'll never leave you, so please don't leave me. I promise to be myself, just wait and see!~

~Together we will form a team. Together, I have seen us in a dream.~

~With all my love, and all my care, we can turn towards each other; lives to share.~

~Mad and sad are but emotions, but talking it out solves the commotions.~

~Through the days, problems will arrise, but reassurance stands firm in your eyes.~

~Here and now, love is not pretend. I love you, so please love me 'til the end.~

Someone I Once Had

I love to just stare into the sky big and blue,
But every time I start to try, I can't compare it to you.

The feelings you make me feel, and the words you make me say,
My love for you feels so real, I could talk about it night and day.

I want to lay with you in the grass and stare into your eyes,
I forgot all our troubled past, and I've seen past all of the lies.

To me, you're a beautiful butterfly, and I'm your radiant flower.
I could never see you with another guy, because my feelings would be devoured.

This is not a pity writing, or even a ticket to forgiveness.
This is a true feeling, other people could never get this.

I hope we grow old together, and live through good times and bad.
You can be my forever and ever, I don't want you to be someone that I had.

Nature's beauty is my everlasting strength.
Nature's beauty is my everlasting strength.

Comments & Constructive Criticism

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    • Psasbury profile image

      Paul Asbury 5 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Well I'm glad you think so because they took a lot of deep thought to write. Challenging, but also possible.

    • His princesz profile image

      His princesz 5 years ago

      I love your writing and style Psasbury. :) Such deep thought

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      Interesting in your style and messages. You certainly have poetic genius. Keep up the great work.