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Questions Raised to the Closed Doors of Heaven

Updated on September 2, 2012


I went through the hassle to believe in your justice and your wrath

I have fought temptations while holding my strong belief as I walked that path,

A path of pain, distress, and deprivation until I can no longer breathe

And still I believe in your power, a belief that will never end or cease

Dad told me to hold on, have faith, and not to question

For YOU have a master plan, and in doomsday we shall be rewarded

Yet, the pain and the deprivation, added to the temptation

I AM full of faith! BUT Seeing & not being able to touch is a bit retarded

I try not to question your justice et al

But careful, careful soon I might just slip and fall

Yet again I am afraid of your wrath so to you I bow my head

To you I cry, not to rip my family apart, to let my heart mend

I have not been a good servant to this religion yet

I believe I did not earn your fury, for I did my best

So why am I deprived of your grace, blessing and light?

Have I stooped so low, not to earn that right?

So I caress my filthy broken heart silencing the questions in my head

For if my heart ponders those questions any longer I might lose sight

Of what is wrong and what is right

Yet I am a human not divine not special, so I don’t have that right

And Lord, I know you sense the shattering pieces of my heart

Would your grace surround us and not tear my family apart

Would you bless us, shine your grace upon us, for I am lost

And by time all my faith might go to waste under this layer of frost

God, I know I have questioned your work, so do forgive

And in the middle of all that, let my family live


So I write to my inner self, how come others are always blessed

When I suffer in pain, though we were faithful in our pledge

So I sit again in my corner all teary and silent

Waiting for the next round of punishment to descend ......

Waiting for the tide to smother the last grains of hope carried by the dying sun as it descends into the sea of oblivion ~ SMK


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    • raciniwa profile image


      6 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

      happiness is a choice so is's how you deal with it and look to it that makes the difference...

    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Lebanon

      Qudsia and Kiran21 :) thank you for your lovely comments :)

    • kiran21 profile image


      7 years ago from India

      Great poem...good pics. Interesting indeed!

    • QudsiaP1 profile image


      7 years ago

      So very passionate your poem resonates of emotion.


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