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Questions for Stephenie Meyer About Her Successful Literary Failure - The Twilight Saga: A Post Mortem

Updated on April 5, 2016

Yes, I have sent this article to Stephenie Meyer along with others that I have both written and collected on the harmful effects of The Twilight Saga - all in one large, tidy envelope. I was never expecting her to read or reply. According to her previous actions & comments surrounding the cultural disfigurements, hate-mongering and divisions that she has caused our world in dynamic ways - that isn't her style.

Like all the other films, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 was a divided success - with Twihard fans loving it unconditionally; while the rest of the world was forced to endure and critique a book turned movie almost impossible for them to accept.

For Vampire Fandoms, Twilight's non-researched 'Vampires' are irrelevant because some of the most basic things that identify them as Vampires were stripped - for example, Vampire blood is essential for turning a Human into a Vampire.

But, the amateur author embraced the sexual, lust-laden aspects of them that were compelling to women - like her - who didn't find the 'evil' aspects of this specialty genre to be very desirable and certainly not necessary for good storytelling.

The Twilight Saga is not a brilliant fairytale for young girls with amazing writing. It's so seductive and addictive because any other 'professional' book publisher would have insisted on research and rewrites to the shallow character writing and dysfunctional storylines before ever publishing them for young adults.

Photo Collection of 2008 Twilight Fan Reactions for Educational Purposes
Photo Collection of 2008 Twilight Fan Reactions for Educational Purposes

This is something that can be proven and has been proven - time and again - by former and/or estranged Twilight Fans (among others) across the Internet.

I'll get into that along with questions for Stephenie Meyer that have sprung up concerning how Twilight was written and published - but first, the concerning reasons for this article being written so long after the Twilight: Breaking Dawn movies are over.

The Harmful Affects the Robsten Cheating Scandal Continues to Have on The Twilight Fanbase

The thing that made Twilight a success from the beginning and brought the movies all the way to the bittersweet end was the unusual, over-obsessions of the fanbase.

These Twilight over-obsessions could plainly be seen in 2008 when the final Twilight book, Breaking Dawn was published and ruined this story for so many defunct fans who could not/would not accept this negligently-published saga the way it was.

The Twilight Fanbase was divided at that time; and venomous infighting started and continued - and still continues even if it has significantly dwindled by now.

Update May 2014 - this statement is turning out to not be true. The Anti-Twilight Movement simply evolved; and MANY of these fans are the current mean fans in article comments around the net. I do not make this statement lightly.

Twilight obsessions were most currently evident during the 'Robsten' cheating scandal that occurred in July 2012 - when the star of Twilight, Kristen Stewart, was basically caught in some naughty embraces by paparazzi photographers while fending off her married, inappropriately-seductive boss, Director Rupert Sanders.

Scandalous rumors about both her and Robert Pattinson have persisted for going on three years and counting. But the these extended attacks on Kristen Stewart, especially, have been nothing but misogynistic and cruel. Not only to her, but to thousands if not millions of her devoted Twilight Fans.

To date (July 2015) Twilight Fans have been dealing with mean-spirited tabloids for longer than Arnold Schwarzenegger & Tiger Wood’s REAL & MULTIPLE adulterous offenses, combined.

Will Ferrell on Conen making fun of Twilight Fans by calling Kristen Stewart a 'Trampire'. This photo is for educational purposes - no copyright infringement is intended.
Will Ferrell on Conen making fun of Twilight Fans by calling Kristen Stewart a 'Trampire'. This photo is for educational purposes - no copyright infringement is intended. | Source

The FEELINGS of these Twilight Fans are REAL even IF their obsessions are not.

Currently obsessing Twihards should NEVER had to experience these intense obsessions in this way, right before they were getting ramped up to watch the happy ending of their beloved fairytale, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Because, the obsessions of newer-obsessing Twihards HAVE NOT BEEN ALLOWED to follow a normal, peaceful course through their minds because of the way Hollywood has been keeping their emotions whipped up - via 'rumors' about Kristen Stewart and/or Robert Pattinson.

Being knocked out or partially-knocked out from ANY intense obsession is painful no matter how old you are. And being bashed around about it afterwards is just as painful.

This is what Hollywood has been doing to Twilight Fans - for money, with such mean-spirited glee - since the beginning of the Twilight fancraze in 2008. It has continued well beyond the happy ending and will no-doubt continue until Twilight obsessions dwindle enough to not make cruel tabloid fodder so much money.

Many people out there agree with me - both about how Twilight was written and/or what's been happening with these robsten scandals, since. But, you've been worried about hurting Twihards more. At this point, I'm not sure that's possible anymore. (Actually, it's possible - but what would 'worse' look like?)

Email Quote I've Received from a Twilight Fan in Pain About 'Robsten'

August, 2012: "...Thank you for writing that wonderful was heaven sent. ...Please someone tell him. He just texted me and said he told my mom..and for me to get some help..and bye..please tell him..everyone is doing this and its killing me..but everybody acts like they don't know what im talking about..I think I may have never needed anything so bad in all of my life than for somebody to tell him..I know they are trying to drive me crazy..and its starting to work... thanks again, was truly a blessing I needed to read..very much so :)"

How Do Hollywood's Gossip Magazines Make Money Off of Twihard Obsessions?

Twihard Comment months ago from Velma within my 'Heatrbroken Twilight Sisters' post:

"...At the base of even the harshest comments was a deep outrage that something perfect was broken. The world has too few perfect things as we all know, and their young love was something beautiful to behold..."

Obsessing love feels like real love even though the love is unreal and (in this case) from a distance. In the case of Twilight addictions, this "unreal love from a distance" is ALSO what makes the obsession seem so magical and real for fans.

Simply put, THIS is what most Twihard's are hung up on. Awwww... Nothing AT ALL wrong with that.

But, it is also the reason why they HURT inside when they 'believe' Kristen and/or Robert are hurting... Whether they actually are or not in their real lives.

The REAL FEELINGS of fans are connected to 'robstens' real lives through their "magical" Twilight obsessions.

...and "Hollywood" KNOWS THIS!

Yes, of course - every single Twilight Fan who has been so crazy-mean throughout these scandals is FORGIVABLE. Especially if we can pull ourselves together and put blame where it belongs - on Hollywood's gossip tabloids & paparazzi.

Basically, this is how/why Hollywood USES Twilight Fans to manipulate them... Because they're profitable AND funny when they get their emotions whipped up by writing these monstrous articles.

Need Help for Getting Past a Stubborn Twilight Obsession?

Which isn't hard... Making up 'rumors' that are easy for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's emotionally-invested Twilight Fans to chew on is currently one of the easiest ways to draw potential sales into websites.

The bottom line is, it does not matter what is going on with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's romantic relationship. The issue is... How are Twihards feeling when they react to these rumor-mongering articles?

If you need help getting past your obsession with Twilight, click here.

Mean Comments from Purported Twilight Fans

Kristen's negligence - August 20, 2013 This is all the result of the negative drama that Kristen brought down onto Robert’s beautiful head. She has been a scourge on this sensitive man. He’s now left having to work through this madness she created for him.

BARBIE - August 11, 2013 Robert Pattinson You can chase my skirt any place any time.. I’ll let you be my Man Whore!

Cathy - June 27, 2013 Handsome is as handsome does—-it still doesn’t take away his image as a DRUNK—VERBALLY ABUSIVE BULLY—-who has a dark side that is starting to surface, the only thing he is good at is f–k–g cakey [referring to Katy Perry] and her friends. I used to be a fan not anymore.

niki - July 20, 2013 The Stewpid kristen fans are so butt hurt that they have to make Rob the bad person. But the whole world knows who the cheater and Sl*t is.

Twilight Fan Addictions Are Not Kristen Stewart's Fault

Defunct Twilight Fans from 2008/2009 weren't wrong, but no one took their concerns seriously - and these ridiculous, overstated Hollywood Fanfair/PR Assaults that have come down from July 2012 with Kristen & Rupert's 'cheating photos' was yet another way for the world and Hollywood's Industry of Celebrity Mistreatment to ridicule and torment emotionally-INVESTED Twilight Fans.

Many of you out there may think that all this was Kristen's fault. It wasn't.

It's not her fault that her fans are so obsessed with her and her boyfriend's Twilight characters that so many of you can't entirely appreciate the TwiStory you got in the end.

NOR is it her fault that the paparazzi and gossip tabloids exploit her, Robert and their fans somehow legally and continuously.

Stephenie's pretty story may have accidentally (in the really scary, literal kind of way) captured the hearts of millions; but it is the bombardment on the hearts and minds of Twihards by the world since these books have been published that has me - a Twilight MOVIE Fans as opposed to an original book fan - so p*ssed off.

Photo captured from Stephenie Meyer's website for educational purposes only.
Photo captured from Stephenie Meyer's website for educational purposes only. | Source

Question #1 for Stephenie Meyer

Aside from the unresearched, "off the top of your head" storyline - Why is The Twilight Saga written so badly - all the grammatical and structural errors and the non-fleshed out characters, etc? This question is important because it is the reason why so many Twihards became EXTRA obsessed.

And PART 2, What did that "meanest rejection" you received have to say when Little, Brown and Company was accepting your book apparently "as is" when this sparkling literary adventure was getting under way?

Your story could have been written believably and in a much more responsible way; that could have been far more satisfying and less harmful on tender, developing Twihard brains.

This is basically the story of how Twilight was born in the author's brain.
This is basically the story of how Twilight was born in the author's brain. | Source

The character of Bella Swan is ALSO written from a sexually-turned on place within Stephenie Meyer's psyche that was swirling in IT'S OWN OBSESSION at the time the first novel was being written. This is ALSO why she wasn't interested enough in Vampires to slow down and do research for her Vampire character of Edward Cullen or the REAL Quileute Tribe).

The MOST dysfunctional chapters within Twilight are 1 - 12 leading up to Stephenie's Chapter 13 'transcript' of her once-in-a-lifetime pipe dream. These chapters should have been FILLED with a developing storyline and characters that fleshed out into what they eventually became for each of us.

Did you know... Breaking Dawn was originally titled, "Forever Dawn" and it was the sequel for Twilight. There was NO New Moon OR Eclipse meant to exist between the two. This is why the character of Jacob Black's storyline turned out so disturbing. Stephenie was obviously having a difficult time combining two separate fantasies into one saga.

Photo & Quotes for educational purposes.
Photo & Quotes for educational purposes.
How obsessed do you think the author sounds about her characters while she was writing Twilight?
How obsessed do you think the author sounds about her characters while she was writing Twilight? | Source

Question #2 for Stephenie Meyer

We've heard you say in interviews that you would like to go back and rewrite the first Twilight book. Is that still the case, and if so - why, specifically?

The Twilight story, the way it was - even with all the bad, distracting writing intact - was written for Stephenie Meyer by Stephenie Meyer by her own admission. It was never meant to be a novel for young adults.

Twilight was ALTERED to be a cute, mystical little fairytale for girls. The seductive writing makes Twilight worth reading and they'll hopefully love the pretty characters and simple, unbelievable storyline - and SINCE they don't know about VAMPIRES - at least, not nearly as much as their MOMS, Grandmothers, Aunts and TEACHERS do...

You get this idea... They used our girls to pass off a book they thought might be worth a little profit by tapping into yet another mysterious, mystical kind of story for the NEWLY TAPPED audience of Harry Potter.

Question #3 for Stephenie Meyer

Why exactly didn't you utilize one of the most basic literary disciplines - research - for a specialty-genre that you were clueless about? You spent years in college toward a literary degree and graduated. Have you never heard of the basic literary concept of "writing what you know about" or do the research?!

Because you didn't, the whole wide world has been DIVIDED - with even Twihards arguing amongst themselves, saying some of the MEANEST things to each other; while the rest of the world has made fun of your beloved fanbase and their favorite fairytale incessantly for years.

One of the really fascinating things about the TwiStory is that Stephenie Meyer's publishers - Little, Brown and Company - did NOT WANT to publish the final book, Breaking Dawn. They KNEW it was bad, but they published it anyway at Stephenie Meyer's persistence.

Plus, as 'professionals' they should have been able to see that the FIRST BOOK was 'too additively written' for young adults even before Breaking Dawn came out and ruined the entire story for so many people.

An example of how the obsessions of Twilight Fans were perpetuated by Summit Entertainment's Twilight Saga Franchise
An example of how the obsessions of Twilight Fans were perpetuated by Summit Entertainment's Twilight Saga Franchise

Also, these over-obsessions were irresponsibly perpetuated by the movie studio, Summit Entertainment; by refusing to take all the feedback from unhappy Breaking Dawn fans seriously enough to correct the things they needed to correct.

For the record, yeah you're right - NONE of this should matter and it wouldn't have if the world, Hollywood and Twilight Fans themselves hadn't gone so far over the lines, with all the emotional bashing that has occurred as a result of the way the world both disapproves of and disrespects this 'saga' and it's amateur author.

How did Stephenie Meyer and The Twilight Franchise ignore all these incredibly disappointed fans in 2008?
How did Stephenie Meyer and The Twilight Franchise ignore all these incredibly disappointed fans in 2008?

Final Questions for Stephenie Meyer

Question #4 for Stephenie Meyer: What DID your publishers have to say about publishing Breaking Dawn? What specific issues did they have with not wanting to publishing it? What DID you say to convince them to publish it anyway?

Question #5 for Stephenie Meyer: Did you or did you not hear your fans SCREAMING about Breaking Dawn in 2008 when it was first published? If so, why were these movies produced like this?!

It's really sad that it's acceptable for an amateur author like Stephenie Meyer to "accidentally" enthrall our young girls - and then for Hollywood gossip magazines to legally bash them in the heart over it again and again and again...

You got your "beautiful fairytale" just how you wanted it DESPITE what a very disapproving world and thousands of estranged Twilight Fans were trying to tell you in 2008, Stephenie - because you just couldn't change anything for anyone for any reason.

Last Questions: Are you still proud of The Twilight Saga in hindsight knowing what we all know about it, now? Does it bother you AT ALL that so many of us are glad your 'saga' is finally over?


Photo & Quote for educational purposes.
Photo & Quote for educational purposes.

This is a question about getting over a Twilight obsession that shoots off from the reviews of Twilight up on Amazon from 2009. There are 5987 replies to this question (and it is still being added to), many of the replies are as disturbing as this question...

It is simply time to tell the truth about this subject, TwiLadies... It's time to protect the accidentally over-obsessing hearts of so many of our young and young-at-heart TwiMonsters. ;)

A typical day in the life of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, trying to escape from Paparazzi harassment. Image collection for educational purposes.
A typical day in the life of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, trying to escape from Paparazzi harassment. Image collection for educational purposes.


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    • Misfit Chick profile imageAUTHOR

      Catherine Mostly 

      3 years ago from Seattle, WA - USA - The WORLD

      Thanks for your opinion, Peg... Again, Stephenie Meyer's writing would have been FINE IF the tabloids hadn't dragged her various & divided fanbases through the mud because of it.

      It's her fault that all this chaos happened and continues.

      I didn't want a Wikipedia Commons image - I wanted the one with him in that video. It is acceptable to use it for educational purposes as I have.

    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 

      3 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      The thing about fiction is that it's meant to be fictional. If we believe that vampires are fictional characters then are there rules to be followed when writing about them?

      I found your statement "was 'too additively written' for young adults" to be interesting. I remember overhearing a couple of girls about seven or eight years old saying, "I want to marry Edward Cullen". To me, it seems that this "R" rated book was turned loose on many who should have not read it or seen the movies although I must admit, I enjoyed the series despite it's nonconformity to the rules of Vampires.

      Comparing the main character Bella to Hermione (of Harry Potter fame) is enlightening as far as maturity and responsibility goes. Bella withdraws into a fetal position when confronted with adversity while Hermione faces it head first.

      PS There are a lot of copyright free pics of Will Ferrell on the website Wikimedia Commons Images.

    • profile image

      Ronie Melvar 

      4 years ago

      It's overwhelming how book sequels written in the modern era are so affected by what the fans would like to read and not what the author really intends to convey. It's important for authors to take note of how the readers would feel when they read the piece, of course, but not to the point that they are the ones who are putting words on the book and not the author anymore. Twilight saga could have been better.

    • Misfit Chick profile imageAUTHOR

      Catherine Mostly 

      5 years ago from Seattle, WA - USA - The WORLD

      Thank you, I appreciate it. Yeah, much work went into this. :)

    • jenslibra profile image

      Jennifer Vasquez 

      5 years ago from Long Beach, CA

      I think you raise some good points here. The media has gained so much control over the years about what we see and how we perceive it that the truth gets lost in it all. And you're right about the emotional impact the twilight obsession has on young adults. The lines between reality and fantasy become blurred and that can be a dangerous thing. Good hub, well researched!


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