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Quick... To The Foals

Updated on September 16, 2013


Souls riding souls,

out from the surf, see force here we go,

into the unknown,

sun shine shown,

as we roam,


land & sand,

this seems to be the task at hand,

no map, no plan,

my numbers guide human kind, man,

& woman, soothe you too, SAM,

bam goes the bombs blowing up the earth with a slam,

what a scam...

Land of love where's the hugs...

Bear's & thug's,

ripping apart our home without a shrug,

or even a flinch snitch,

haven't we already heard this story before... Yea it ends with the wicked witch,




that's it.. I'm on my own


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    • goego profile image

      goego 4 years ago from Loserland

      Thanks Jamie!!!

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 4 years ago from Reno NV

      Nice rhymes. Jamie