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Quiet Money

Updated on January 8, 2017

Height of Her Powers

After the great fall from social graces, Melissa Danvers needed to lay low. Her offshore bank account in Belize amounted to a mere $25,000, a fraction of her multi-million dollar fortune. Her time in Delaware would be apt as she restored slowly and deftly the order to her finances, to her relationship, to her life. In particular, the property owner would need to recoup $100,000 relating to a lien that Melissa incurred as a result of not paying her for condominium in Newark, Delaware. Thought of at the time of being at the height of her powers, Melissa dominated the day time slot. She covered the big stuff. Drugs. Sex changes. She also interviewed those in the spotlight, from actors to dancers to athletes. Now, she couldn’t host a modest dinner party.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

In the hallway leading up to her luxury apartment, in danger of being foreclosed, Melissa walked past her doorman, Kenny.

“Hey, Miss Danvers! You have a nice day now,” he said. And then he said with a huff, “Cheap lady. Poor thing can’t help herself.”

Like an opera singer preparing to impart an aria on a grand stage, so did Melissa ready herself for another shot at greatness. Diversification proved to be the driving force behind her investments. In her prime, she commanded a sneaker company, vodkas, a designer pump shoeline, a television production company, two dog training shops, and the crown jewel of her entrepreneurial endeavors, an investment in a chemical company on the outskirts of Wilmington, Delaware. For reasons that included a mishandling of funds to complete ineptitude, Melissa took losses on of the aforementioned enterprises, excluding the dog training shops. People love dogs. But at this point in her life, 42 and two children in their teens, she focused on rebuilding her once thriving businesses. Firstly, she would sit down with her former partner Tara Merton.

A Jar Full of Hope

The money be quiet now, but Melissa looks forward to making noise once again.
The money be quiet now, but Melissa looks forward to making noise once again. | Source

Shifted Gears

The meeting place for the two businesswomen held a sense of melancholy as it represented the initial launch of Vody Vodka and Spirits Company, LLC. Amongst the wreckage, the pair sought to retrieve anything of value. Surrounded by flutes with golden champagne bubbling to the brim, the two ladies sat.

“Well,” Melissa started. “I wanted to bring you here to discuss the percentage of the production company which was sold to the shareholders. I know that it wasn’t you who did it. It was N’Iesha. Whatever the press said, I always pulled for you, T,” Melissa said.

“I know, Mel. But that percentage is gone,” Tara said.

Melissa shifted gears. “At my highest, I was worth $75 million. Liquid,” Melissa said. “The helicopter. The executive spa treatment. All gone. That’s nothing though. Ty’Quan and Jazelle may have to live with their grandparents. You know since their daddy died. Chapter 7 seems like the most appropriate course of action at this point.”

“I’m here for you. I know we’ve had our differences, but I realize that we made history together and why can’t we sit down like this and hash out our problems as ladies?,” Tara said.

Melissa brushed a stray hair from her brow. She looked at Tara and sat straight up from the back of her chair. She said, “Business is beautiful….”

And Tara said, “ With two beauties…” They both laughed, remembering the motto which they recited before inking beaucoup deals. Their split had actually been amicable, but the press wanted blood. Each tabloid and cable news network lambasted the duo’s dissolution and claimed that Melissa and Tara loathed each other. Their business termination became overshadowed by empty gossip and outright lies that did not correspond with what took place in reality. One held that Tara had entered a romantic relationship with Melissa’s husband Daniel Danvers before he lost his bout with brain cancer. Melissa never suspected Tara. Why would she? The two enjoyed nearly a decade of friendship (and business partnership) until is was revealed within the company that N’Iesha Gubb had embezzled monies relating to the MD Productions division of the brand that the two established. Now, all both ladies wished to do was clear up the mess and move on from the pain.

To Save is to Live

If only she had saved her money, she would still have survived the business setbacks that presented themselves.
If only she had saved her money, she would still have survived the business setbacks that presented themselves. | Source

Best Bet

“Quiet money,” Tara said.

Melissa sipped from her mimosa.

“That’s my best bet, huh?”she said.

“There’s real estate properties, laundry businesses, a tattoo parlor…” Tara said.

“Well, you know that I’ve still got the two “Leashed Lovelies, right?” Melissa said.

“People love dogs,” said Tara.

“That’s fine, but I’ve been itching to do radio. You know something like the TV slot but this time delving into a more business and philosophy geared show,” Melissa said. “An Internet show where I would just crack the mic and discuss my personal fiscal issues and answer callers who can relate to the madness.”

“I see your vision. When do you plan on going on this new adventure?” Tara said.

“I’ve spoken with a few investors who’re eager to break ground in the radio sphere. I’ll do it during the morning rush hour and compete with Wim Timbers and Shelly Groves. With all that has happened between us, I should have a lot of material to dish out,” Melissa said.

“If you can translate what you did on television to the World Wide Web, then I’m with it. It’s not as quiet, but I respect the hustle,” Tara said.

“With the DoctorChemical venture being the most profitable undertaking, I may look into re-establishing my position in Wilmington,” Melissa said. “I’ve only got to finish a few credits at DIT and I’ll be on my way to being a chemical engineer.”

“I think that you can do it,” Tara Said.

“What a beautiful business,” Melissa said.

The two women rose to their feet, shook hands, and left the restaurant with a renewed sense of not their net worth but their self worth.

The Teacher Teaches

May the Dollars Flow


The Quiet Money Question

Should acquiring funds away from the spotlight or obtaining quiet money be the best option for people getting back on their feet?

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