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Quigley Friends

Updated on May 29, 2017


Hi All who follow my crazy writing. I just wanted to stop and share with you some sad news of our faithful and loving friend who you have all come to know as "Quigley."

Gather around by the Fireside for a moment and lets share some refreshments and chat about life with and life without our pets whom we grow to love. They share so much a part of us and our daily routine do they not.

Please know that you are dearly loved and I speak for both myself and Quigley.


It all started with this small handful of a pup in the fall of 2010 when she was the last of the litter to come forward for a pet. She just sat back like and old soul and let her brothers and sisters go through their antics. Her patience is what really and truly sold us on the fact this dog would win over all the rest. Not an easy choice when you see 7 others all near the same level of cuteness.

An hour later she stepped into our home very unsure of the quiet in comparison to where she had just come from. There were many firsts over the next few days, learning to play catch, managing stairs, learning to jump onto the bed and above all else getting treats she did have to share.

The name Quigley came about as I was looking for a male dog and we came to a compromise and Quigley well just stuck. After all if Johnny Cash became famous with "A Boy Named Sue." Thus the little girl dog name Quigley could and would become a part of many lives.


Friend To All

Right from the very start a trademark she had was rub everyones feet as they appeared at the door to visit. It was her way of calling you hers. That was followed with bringing one of her many toys in hope of getting your attention, there may be a toss or two in her offerings.

As time went on she started to leave her puppy phase behind, well a little, she was always there to greet you at the door with her joy and a toy. She was at all times a very happy dog.


Happy Yes But

Then there were the dreaded bath days completely foreign to any creature of her statue of royalty. The towel game became a big thing with us, once she was released she would run like crazy through the house, skidding across the carpet to get that girly scent off of herself...

Why? You may ask... well she was a boy remember.


Long Hikes

Oh she loved the long hikes along the river valley or the paved paths through the edge of town. The path meant meeting old and new friends alike and she had many. Some she struggled to tolerate as they were just a little to aggressive for her liking.

The Havanese which was her breed were subject to having problems with their growth plates in their front legs, it became an issue and her little left front leg developed a terrible twist at the lower joint. The vet had suggested we could have the leg removed when she was young but we would hear no part of it. Never once did it impair her ability to have fun.


Big or Small

I laugh looking at this picture recalling the day with her friend Tia. They were the greatest of buddies and would play like this for hours on end.

She shared her toys with anyone who came to visit.


We had a few magic words that would spur her on. "Who is here" was this one. She would sit and watch for hours waiting for us to come home or watching other dogs being paraded past.

The next magic word was "Walk" and look out she would run you over getting out the door. After all there were all her buddies and new smells out there.



It came slowly, the weight gain even though we took her to the vet for regular concerns. The last while we noticed the amount of water she was drinking had increased yet the last visit the month before we were assured all was well with her.

Then it happened overnight really, not eating, excessive drinking and almost immediately vomiting. The following morning we took her to the vet and they felt it was Type 1 Diabetes as her blood sugar count was very high. No amount of insulin seemed to bring it down.

A long consult with the vet with what it meant to care for such an illness started a process of all the complications. The blindness within a year or less, other damage to internal organs and many other complications. It was when we looked into her large brown eyes was the entire story would unfold.

They were hollow with hardly any recognition really of us being there, a state of confusion and yes pain. It was then the decision to let her go came about. A few minutes and many tears later Quigley was finally at rest, free of all the suffering and what ever else the future would have held. It is without a doubt the hardest thing any pet owner will ever have to face.

Quigley kept on giving even after her passing as the vet preformed her own autopsy with her two young students watching. It was learned that Quigley have advanced cancer of both her pancreas and stomach plus it had started in her kidneys as well. She called and shared with us that the right choice had been made.

So dear friends who have enjoyed Quigley by the Fireside through photos and antics I share the news with you, heavy heart as you can well imagine. I like to think that God has a special place for all the faithful pets He has placed in our lives. They have loved unconditionally, they have taught us to love the same. They have stood by us all through the hard times and the good. It is something they have taught us as well... if I had anything to say I would say "Well done Quigley... well done you have taught much in your short but productive life... rest well my friend."

In closing I wanted to let you know I have created a website where I write now as a full time blogger. It is an unregulated site and I have complete control over my content without being directed by anyone... If you would like to join me there you are more than welcome. The cost is free all you have to do is sign up and an email will be sent each time I post... love to see you there.... as always hugs and love are attached.... Hopefully this one will not be flagged as being to spammy by someone. It seems like I have been singled out by some unknown as being in violation of some rules I fail to see that apply to me as a writer. Please if you like come sit by the new "Fireside" where you will be welcome as always.

© Rolly A. Chabot

Puppy Song


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    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 7 months ago from Central Florida

      Rolly, I'm so sorry you've lost your beloved Quigley. But you did the right thing. It's harder to see the pain in someone's eyes than it is to lose them sometimes. She'll always be in your heart and the memories will be with you forever.

      I apologize for not being quicker to read your posts on Weebly. I'm so far behind in my reading. I'm trying to catch up from the oldest to newest. I don't know if I'll ever get current, but I'm trying!

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 8 months ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Alicia

      Thank you for stopping and saying hello, seems like forever getting back to HP and the familiar faces. They are starting to collect at the new site and I love the contact again. Yes it is a loss for certain but after learning of the degree of her illness it was the only thing I could do. I so miss her being around...

      Hugs from Canada

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 8 months ago from Alberta Canada

      Thank you Jodah ... I am sorry to hear of Ginger and her loss of sight and sound. I can imagine it must be hard and yet they never seem to stop. Quigley was a great friend and loved just plain loving and being loved.


    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 8 months ago from Alberta Canada

      HI Bill...

      They do become attached to us do they not. There are many great lessons we can learn if we just pat attention. They teach us love, compassion, companionship... I hear you when you speak of your loss...

      Hugs my friend.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 9 months ago from British Columbia, Canada

      I'm so very sorry for your loss, Rolly. I know that it's horrible to lose a beloved pet. Quigley sounds like a lovely dog. Best wishes to you for the future.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 9 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Rolly, This was a wonderful tribute to your dear furry friend, Quigley. I have lost much loved dogs (and written hubs about it) and it is never easy. One beloved Maremma was named "Rolly." One of the dogs we have now, a toy poodle named "Ginger" is sadly almost completely blind and deaf. It seemed to happen so suddenly, but we recently moved house so maybe we didn't notice her difficulty with seeing until she was in unfamiliar surroundings. Anyway, thank you for sharing and good luck with your new website.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 9 months ago from Olympia, WA

      I'm sorry for your loss, Rolly, and I totally understand. I had a puppy when I was five. I was a lonely, shy little kid, and that puppy meant the world to me. She stayed with me for seventeen years, and when I finally put her down it was absolutely horrible.

      Oddly, my son recently got a puppy, and that damned dog looks almost exactly like my puppy of old, and all the old feelings came back.

      What a gift that kind of companionship and love is.

      Hugs from Olympia

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 9 months ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Eric...

      Good for you for investing into our furry friends. Love is elusive at times and the feelings of never quite getting it I do believe it comes from that place of brokenness from deep within. Dogs are much the same as people, show enough love and even the meanness soon abates. I once had a dog I named Brutus, he was a Wolf Cross with a St Barnard who was so badly abused, lived on the end of a chain which was imbedded and matted into his coat. He would just as soon eat you leg off as be feed by the human hand. After I had him sedated I managed to get him free from the chain. I just left him laying as he slowly came around. A few weeks later he started to come around, he later became a working dog pulling a mushing sled. It was where his heart was to run free. He actually took a first place ribbon in a dog sled competition and pulled a thousand pound load for 100 yards responding to my call. Brutus, well he lived with more for another 6 years and lost a battle with a grizzly. The Grizzly hide graced my floor for many years after. His love was unconditional once he learned to accept love.... God always blesses the broken heart as He walks beside you through the hard times.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 9 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      There is a very special place of love. I have never been able to get it. I mean I get the notion but not the whole ball of wax.

      I did a dog consult today as I mess around with what I call wholistic dog medicine. Darned seizures. I thing we have a good regimen planned out as neurolapses are a sticky wicket. But my buddy's baby is my baby. I pray for her and you, may you be brought closer to God in loss.