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Quit Writing :10 Questions For Thought Criminals on Copy Rites and Sacred Txt

Updated on February 14, 2012

This is the Age of the Thought Criminal.

Somewhere between Anarchy and Technopaganism is the Truth. Weird as this article may seem, it is designed to help artists think and express themselves in a better way. These are 10 questions to provoke thought in the readers and inspire the minds of the writers of the 21st century, and on HubPages too. My main hope is that you enjoy it and it provokes random thoughts in you. Copy Rites are rituals that make it impossible for anyone to think clearly. It is in league with its bastard sister Sacred TXT, which is the things we repeat that make it impossible for anyone to communicate clearly. Sometimes Copy Rites making thinking hard to communicate. Sometimes Sacred TXT makes communicating hard to think about. And one who invokes anything written in Sacred TXT with the ritualistic power of Copy Rites, they will surely find it impossible to think about communicating anything clearly again for sometime to come. This article is in protest of SOPA, ACAT, PIPA, NADD 2012, and any future legislation that allows further restrictions of free speech, the internet, the WWW, the Freedom of Information Act, or my personal ability to say WTF I think.

Thoughtcrime is death. You are already dead. You do not exist. You must proceed with extreme caution. Remember, Big Brother is watching you.

Thank you George Orwell.

You should be remembered as an American prophet or something.

Who George Orwell was is unimportant to most people. Just like exactly who you or I are is far from important to the mass populous. Yet he was a prophetic individual and his novels Animal Farm and 1984 ( originally titled 1948 ) speak to these times as if brand new from the publishing companies.

Except for the fact, that if Animal Farm or 1984 were published today, it is doubtful that they would have made it to the printing presses. They would have been banned, censored, or simply rejected because there was not enough good sex and violence to be marketable. Sad but true, considering they became classic literature that is taught in the American classroom to this day.

George Orwell was not an American, but his books are probably more important to American society than the 10 commandments or the U.S. Constitution.

Not in meaning, but in reflection of where our society is really at. George Orwell, the author of 1984 was doing several things with his two publshed novels. He was warning readers about the coming dangers of Communism, he was admitting that he was a utopian Socialist or maybe even a Communist himself, he was expressing how deeply he concerned he was about authoritarian tendencies in the west as well as the east, or maybe he was just this guy, smoking some good marijuana you know?

What is your picture of the future? Not what you hope for, but your expectation of reality. Do you hope for peace and prosperity for most of humanity? Do you hope for enough people to become aware of the world problems, so they become willing to choose voluntary simplicity to create a sustainable society? Do you hope that the current technological advances and / or the rise of a more responsible government will adequately address the major world and its challenges?

Or like George Orwell do you see the future as, "A boot stomping on a human face... forever."

Thoughtcrime begins by freely thinking for yourself. Thoughtcrime ends by freely thinking for yourself. How do You feel about guns? Go ahead, give me a gun. You love guns, eh? Go ahead kill two birds with one shot. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. What is your opinion of U.S. covert intelligence operations? Do you think the CIA needs to be untied so that they can carry out their covert operations more effectively, could be reformed to be a useful part of the national security establishment, should be limited to gathering intelligence only or do you think like a Thought Criminal? Do you see the CIA at best as criminal, terrorist organization that must be abolished, along with its front groups. What do you think about military conscription? Do you really believe that all young men should be required to serve in the military, while women should stay home and breed more soldiers? Do you think the draft should only be used in times of national emergency, and women should be drafted too? Or do you think like a Thought Criminal. Conscription is slavery. Abolish the draft system. If you were forced to go to a polling station for the U.S. presidential election, what would you do with your ballot? Vote for one of the major party candidates. Vote for one of the minor party candidates. Or would you burn your ballot! Voting? Do or don't vote is the choices you are given. If you don't vote, you can't complain. Don't vote. It only encourages them. Legitimate elections require proportional representation voting systems. The reality about the two party system in American Democracy is that two wolves run in as a team, but pretend to be in competition, while a sheep is asked to act like they are voting on what the two wolves will be having for dinner. Who controls the media controls You. Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the banks controls You. Who controls the present controls the past. Who controls You is controlled by You.

Quit Writing

A lifetime of being inundated by party propaganda has failed to destroy your ability to think for yourself : Thought Criminal...

Do You realize that Big Brother is Nothing without You?

You are the very personification of totalitarianism. Big Brother is watching you. Isn't he always? You may think that I'm an Inner Party member. I can turn off the telescreen. You say you hate Big Brother, but then you say I love Big Brother. All good citizens love being a part of the system, this is what you are, you are flotsam and jetsam to the system, you are sheep to the shepherds. But you are the only one of you that will ever exist. And in this you have much power. Do not ever doubt it. Many of you scream out loud to say, " You hate Big Brother. You would commit any crime, any vile act to subvert the unity and purity of society. Do not despair. There is a resistance movement. It is small, weak, and hidden, but together we will keep hope alive." Well, what are you really doing about? What ways are you contributing to that which you hate? What are you really loyal too? This is what is the real problem with much of society, we say we hate the system, but in actuality we are co-dependently bonded with it and would fight to the death, just to keep our little comforts unaltered. This is not to say that we like our oppression, rather we are victims of long term over exposure to it. We have the 21st century answer to Stockholm Syndrome or slavery by proxy. It all starts with the individual and the mind of the individual, this is why Thought Crime is so high of a priority to the party line. The Age of the Thought Criminal is here and there is much to fear. Down with Big Brother.

Are You that someone that The Spies are always Watching?

Oceania is at war with Eurasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia. Yes, I know. That's why I voted for Bush. Yes, I know. That's why I voted for Obama. We have always been at war with someone. We will always be at war with somewhere. We will always be at war. Everything is War. That's what all the politicians and the media say. Do you trust what you hear? That doublethink is a load of crap. Do you trust what you think? Everything is written in doublespeak. Do you trust what you speak? You are a horrible child, completely brainwashed by party line propaganda. You would denounce your own parents to the Thought Police to be tortured and executed for slipping you an extra chocolate ration. "The songs, the processions, the banners, the hiking, the drilling with dummy rifles, the yelling of slogans, the worship of Big Brother -- it was all a sort of glorious game to them." Being a spy is the first step to being a slave, everyone that is a slave was a spy at one point, thinking they could escape being caught. By putting others in the path and letting them be a decoy. Spies rarely live long. Remember when your mother or father used to tell you, "You should not tattle tale on others." If you are a Narc, or an Informant, or a Traitor and you do it to help the system out of loyalty, conviction, politics, religion, or moral values. You are a Fool. Only second in stupidity to the career criminal. The real world is dangerous enough, Thought Criminals are not The Spies, they are always being spied upon.

What role do You play in the Anti-Sex League and how does it benefit You?

What gender are you? Are you male, female or a hermaphrodite? Are you a Republican, Democrat, or God forbid an Independent? Who do you have sex with? Admit it. Sex plays a part in all of our decision making, even if you choose not to have sex at all. That is a conscious choice, abstinence is a choice, so is everything to do with sex. This is why it is so powerfully manipulative to tell someone that they do not have the right to do anything sexually or with their body. My favorite character was always Julia in 1984. It is sweet and charming when Winston refers to her as, "A rebel from the waist down." Brilliant Orwell, just bloody brilliant. Most of you think that nothing gives you greater pleasure than rallying for repression, but you are lying to yourself. You love Big Brother and hate everyone else, including yourself. "Unlike Winston, she [Julia] had grasped the inner meaning of the Party's sexual puritanism. It was not merely that the sex instinct created a world of its own which was outside the Party's control and which therefore had to be destroyed if possible. What was more important was that sexual privation induced hysteria, which was desirable because it could be transformed into war fever and leader worship." Who do you think you are? Are you loyal to Big Brother? Are you one of the Thought Police? Are you a Prole? Or are you a Thought Criminal? Yes or No. Answer the question, what immediately popped into your head? How many fingers am I holding up? Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four, but still write down that 2 + 2 = 5. But most of you really just silently whimper, saying I'll say whatever you want me to say! Just stop torturing me! But if you really hated Big Brother, you would stare at your oppressor silently, then hold up one hand saying "Read my finger bitches!" Or something more eloquent perhaps.

Do You do and think whatever the Thought Police tell You is good for You?

Users are always the ones being used. Refusal to use the system is the first step to being an agent of true freedom. You may subvert culture from within, but you will only end up being a user. You can never have true freedom this way. By being a user friendly member of social media and mobile phone technologies, you give your unspoken approval of the Thought Police. By having a mobile GPS you agree contingently to being tracked, and even hunted. You are an enforcer of Doublespeak orthodoxy, you agree to whatever means is necessary, you agree to warrants being used, you agree ferreting out Thought Criminals to cure them through the healing power of torture, and you agree to everything else that the Thought Police say is good for You. You are the boot stomping on the face of humanity -- forever. Why do you do it? Patriotism? Patriots say I will defend my country against all foreigners, and they way they will defend against those domestic traitors who dare to question orthodoxy. Patriots say they must always be prepared to defend one's country against its government, no matter what the cost. The patriot is a fool in every age. Beware of the sheep! Beware as they bleat! Look -- there's a flag! Let's burn it! Look -- there's another flag! I pledge what? They're everywhere. They mean nothing without You. You're everywhere. They mean nothing without You. You mean nothing without You. The only real war is within. War is never ending. Peace has never existed. War is never patriotic, only peace is patriotic.

Would You give up being an Inner Party Member and lose everything You have for the truth?

Some of you are so happy with your life that you have joined the system, but look at all the advantages it affords You. You are special. You are loved. Who cares at what cost to others? Some of you are very familiar with party line doctrine, some of you know it is nothing but lies, and some of you may even have helped to write it. Those who helped in this way have no excuses, You know absolutely for a fact, that it is nothing but lies. Still, you play along because you love that American Express Black card and You know that membership has its privileges. Do you believe your friends will meet again in the Ministry of Love or in the next life. Or do you believe that Instant Karma is going too get You, if they don't get you first? You probably feel safe and secure, until the day comes when the people stand up. Then is when a shudder of fear may creep up your shivering spine. Those of you who write words to manipulate the sheepishly sleeping masses, You do owe something to your brothers and sisters. Only You can decide what that is or wait for the day when others will decide for you. The people are revolting! Yes, they certainly are! Bring out the death squads. Smash the state! Most of you say, just leave me out of it. That's somebody else's problem. You may even ask yourself in the middle of the war zone, is this test finally over? Who cares? I'm leaving now. It is never that easy for those who are part of the Inner Party and its circles. No, it will never end. Resistance is futile. Nothing is over, until You take up sides with the rest of the human race or until You learn what the real price is for you to loyally, love Big Brother. Then I'll be shot in the back of the head. Good for you.

As You live life as a Prole in America or anywhere, do You feel important?

The Party does not consider You a threat. You are probably too concerned about toiling your life away just to scrape together a meager existence to have entertained any thought about rebellion. And what do you really think about Americans? About being one, when you are alone in the privacy of your home, with the television turned off? Do you think that America is the greatest nation on Earth? Do you think to yourself, I love my country, but I think we need to start seeing other people? Do you think about the fact that America includes two whole continents, not just one country. Do you think of yourself as an American? Or are You one of the United Statesians or the political regime that says that they are America? United Statesians are the ruling class, they believe that America should own everything, rule everything, be everything, and that everyone should want to be like America. Well guess what real American citizens think about that. " Beam me up, Scotty. There's no intelligent life down here." It is kind of like asking which of the following comes closest to your views on religion? You could say I have a personal relationship with the creator of the universe, you could say I meditate to clear my mind of negative energy and achieve a spirit of harmony with the universe, you could say I like to dance naked around a campfire with a girl dressed like Pan, or you could say what's up with all this religion stuff, anyway? Some of you probably would even joke and say, can I still dance naked? The choices are what is important, not what the choices are. Desperate Thought Criminals think that if there is any hope for the future, the proles must rise up and break their chains of oppression. You are important. You should feel important. You are dangerously important.

Do You want to become a Thought Criminal, are You really sure?

There is not copyright on pure thought. There is no copyright on the truth. Copy Rites are what the Powers that Be use to keep up the illusions of power over those who commit Thoughtcrime. But Thoughtcrime is not an illusion. Thoughtcrime is death. You are already dead. You do not exist. But the Age of the Thought Criminal is very, very real. The Thought Criminal will be tested. Many times if they live long enough. These tests are designed for accuracy and will determine how much of a threat you pose to the Party, by comparing your heretical thoughts to those of other Thought criminals. You will be put under the microscope by those who have already been exposed as traitors. You will be forever banned from existence by the Ministry of Truth, once you pledge your allegiance as a Thought Criminal. Are you ready to join the underground resistance movement and become the Enemy of the People? You must lose all identity and become faceless.You are the sum of your parts, that is why you have been tested. Life tests You before anything else. Your test results will count only for one thing in this world, they will tell everyone the truth about who You really are. You are only what is the real You. The Thought Criminal is only who they really are. The Thought Criminal is never anything less than or greater than the truth. You are the truth, if you are a Thought Criminal. The truth is a weapon and it never misses its target. The truth is beautiful. The truth is deadly. Truth has trajectory. Truth has no copyright.

Do You know that the Brotherhood of Humanity loves You just as You are?

Remember, Big Brother is watching you. Someone will bump into you one day in the cafeteria to slip you a note with a meeting time and location. You will read the note and should then destroy it. It will lead to a meeting and You will take a seat at the appointed rendezvous. The instructions on the note told You to bring something small, but something important to read. You bring a book and someone sits down across the table. You can read the book together. This is a Thoughtcrime, and is punishable by death. You are no mere Thought Criminal -- You are the sworn enemy of everything that the Party stands for. You don't believe a word of their propaganda. You are welcomed as a brother or sister into the arms of the Brotherhood. You are welcomed to bear arms for the revolution. Together, we will fight Big Brother to the end! Down with Big Brother! The Thought Police will find you and take every book in the libraries. If you are a writer in modern times, remember that you are in an age when censorship is being used daily, remember that you are in a nation that claims we have freedom of information, and remember that if you are not on the side of Big Brother, then you are a Thought Criminal by proxy or by default, if you prefer. Either way, there are no sides. Only divisions that keep free people divided. There is no war on our freedom, but there are rituals being conducted daily, Copy Rites and Sacred TXT are the doctrine that will shape the future of freedom. Freedom is a heavily armed sheep standing up and contesting the election results. Freedom is a live streaming podcast from a hacker who has just used a DDoS attack on the servers at the polling stations. Freedom is an unarmed peaceful resistance standing their ground while the government comes with water cannons saying, "Occupy Jail cell." Freedom remains and is something quite different. Freedom is not free. Freedom is not Free and Dumb.

Do You believe that Big Brother really is watching what You think and do?

Big Brother is watching you, but You are watching them too. Do not think about anything that is not allowed. Do not dream about being anything but a slave. Do not wish to be anything at all. This is a Thoughtcrime, and is punishable by any means necessary. The Thought Police will find you and take every book in the libraries. If you're a woman, then You should come along. If you know of a place in the woods, out in the countryside, where we can be alone together for a few hours, away from any telescreens.Which of the following statements comes closest to describing your views regarding material wealth? My principles mean more to me than any money or success, being a professional is very important to me, whoever dies with the most toys, wins, or what do you mean by, "Do you turn tricks?" By paying taxes, you are subsidizing government-sponsored genocide and human rights violations. How do you feel about paying income taxes? Property is theft. Thinking is a crme. Thought Criminals know this and own what they think. They do not think paying taxes is everyone's personal responsibility. They do not say mothing is inevitable except death and taxes. They do not proclaim take from the rich; give to the poor. Freedom isn't free. Support our troops. Genocide isn't freedom. I am proud of our troops for fighting back against those monsters. Those monsters were U.S. allies or operatives until they outlived their usefulness. Stopping them should have been more of an international effort. Sometimes armed struggle is the only way to stop the imperialists. Sometimes sympathize with the guerrillas, but nonviolent struggle is a more effective strategy for liberation. Sometimes war is necessary, like in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Grenada, Angola, Panama, Iraq, Yugoslavia, yeah, yeah, yeah. What do You think about World War III? Do You think we should have just nuked those French bastards? Remember the Alamo.

This Hub is Dedicated To My Daughter Sarah Who Is the Mother of a New Baby boy.





P.S. or an after thought, for all You freedom loving Americans.

What do You really think happened on September 11?

What do You really think happened on 911? Well here is one to grow on for You, all of you. For one thing, Anti-American extremists carried out an unprecedented terrorist attack using four hijacked commercial airplanes, undetected by the U.S. national security and the wealthy media establishment didn't tip anyone off either. A massively incompetent administration failed to prevent a major terrorist attack that they should have been able to stop. The Presidential Administration at the time knew about the terrorist plot but allowed it to happen to take advantage of the attack as a justification for their pre-planned conquest of Iraq and Afghanistan. Both former president Bush and current President Obama were involved in the staged a terrorist attack and then the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, to create support for their independent or what some would say, is their imperialist agenda. Examining the evidence concerning the complicity of top U.S. political and military leaders in the September 11 terrorist attacks, it is hard to deny something was terribly wrong that day. And at least a few days leading up to it. What did you think, following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack? Did you think this? The terrorists hate our freedom. The U.S. must defend itself by dropping millions of tons of bombs on impoverished, innocent civilians halfway around the world. Did you think this? It was a horrible crime against humanity. The U.S. must send in troops to do whatever is necessary in order to get those who were responsible. Or did you think this? It was a horrible crime against humanity, but legitimate, legal means should be used to prosecute those who were responsible for this crime. Or did you think something more like this? The attack was horrible, but it was one one-thousandth the magnitude of crimes against humanity committed by the U.S. government. As you sow, so shall you reap. Oh, yeah in 2001?

This is probably the most controversial and most often banned or censored video on both MTV and YouTube...enjoy.


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    • blake4d profile image

      Blake Ford Hall 5 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

      Thanx for your kinds words GRL. Much appreciated are you as a writer and reader opinion. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      I'm not quite sure how to respond to be honest. What did come to mind was damned if we do and damned if we don't. I'm the meek kind and I hate violence or unpleasantness and most of all wars all the time but I don't stick my head in the sand. I was already in Riga when 911 happened and it struck fear in my heart but it didn't make me want to go bash in anyone's head except perhaps for Bin Landen's. Reading this somewhere along the line I saw that you wrote that your daughter has had a bouncing baby boy. Congrats to her and you! Welcome to the world as it is and may it not spoil your baby dreams little tyke. I remember when my girlfriend had her first child who was a boy she called him a boybe instead of baby. lol