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Quotations for Motivation #55 --- Failure

Updated on May 15, 2011

Quotations on Failure (Set No. 2)

I don't know why life is so filled with disappointments but it is. Yet, failure and disappointment are not the final word. Beyond our own noble failures or beyond the stupid mistakes that caught us up lies a land of promise which others may enter more readily because of our efforts.... The measure of a man is not according to his failures but according to his power to rise above failure to triumph.

—Charles L. Allen, The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 12, 1960.

There are no such things as productive failures. No man can succeed in a work for which he is ill-adapted. It is a most pathetic thing to find a man who is ever groping through life and never finds the particular niche for which he is qualified. Failures of this kind are little short of tragedy. But there are sublime failures, seeming failures of those who have fought the good fight and have been crushed by an avalanche of opposition yet in years that have come, the works of these people have endured and will endure as memorials that cannot be easily effaced. In looking backward over some of these lives we are impelled forward. They are reckoned as failures in the ages which they have lived but true prospectives have established their place firmly in history.

—W.G. Burgin, The Monroe News-Star, Monroe, La., May 30, 1930.

Many people need to learn that defeat is an attitude and not necessarily a condition. ... The worst street in the world upon which you can pitch your tent is the street of defeat.

—Robert V. Ozment, The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 16, 1961.

No one is defeated in life as long as there is a desire to make life count for something worthwhile. ... Defeat means to abandon all hope for the future on the ground that to continue down the trail of life would be useless, impossible and inadvisable.

—Robert V. Ozment, The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 29, 1961.

The fear of failure has more failures to its credit than failure itself.

—Benjamin DeCasseres, Puck, New York, N.Y., Jan. 27, 1917.

Carelessness and failure are twins.

—B.C. Forbes, Forbes Magazine, New York, N.Y., April 19, 1919.

There is always the peril of allowing failures to become our master, and of making the past tyrant to the present.

—J.H. Jowett, quoted in Christian Index, Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 9, 1928.

Failure is a mere matter of permitting the future to get too far ahead of you.

—Bert Moses, Lake Charles American Press, Lake Charles, La., Oct. 10, 1942.

No man is a failure so long as he refuses to admit it.

—Bert Moses, Lake Charles American Press, Lake Charles, La., Jan. 22, 1946.

Some failures are like the man who planted a garden and expected nature to keep out the weeds.

—Hamilton G. Park, Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, Utah, April 24, 1932.

The great failures of the world teach us that failure is glorious if it is only our efforts that fail and not we ourselves. What a tragedy it is when a man fails himself, allows his failure to make him bitter, to make him lose faith and hope and integrity.

—Henry Alford Porter, Christian Index, Atlanta, Ga., April 11, 1935.

He who is satisfied with his second best must always live in a second best world.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Morning Tribune, Tampa, Fla., Nov. 29, 1930.

The worst of all failures is to fail without regrets.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Morning Tribune, Tampa, Fla., Sept. 5, 1935.

Of all the causes of failure, inaccuracy in details will rank high.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Morning Tribune, Tampa, Fla., June 9, 1938.

Before you think you are a failure, think of the people who believe in you.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Morning Tribune, Tampa, Fla., Dec. 27, 1938.

The true road to failure is by way of carelessness.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Morning Tribune, Tampa, Fla., May 13, 1939.

The saddest failures are those who blame their failures on other people.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Morning Tribune, Tampa, Fla., March 6, 1940.

A large part of our failures date back to inattention.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Morning Tribune, Tampa, Fla., April 9, 1941.

Some of us are inclined to use fate as an excuse for failure.

—Jack Warwick, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 15, 1945.

One thing worse than a quitter is a fellow who is afraid to begin.

American Fork Citizen, American Fork, Utah, Sept. 3, 1927.

A success is a self-starter. A failure is a self-stopper.

Austin American, Austin, Texas, June 19, 1922.

Failure consists in being satisfied with a small success.

Austin American, Austin, Texas, Jan. 23, 1923.

The successful man has no time to think of failure. He is too busy thinking of ways to succeed. You can't pour water into a vessel already full.

Autumn Leaves, Independence, Mo., May 1927.

One good way to insure success is to be prepared for failure--but don't court failure.

Scott County News, Oneida, Tenn., June 29, 1934.

The only man who fails is the man who quits.

Utah Farmer, Salt Lake City, Utah, Nov. 10, 1929.


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