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Quotes That Make You Think Twice: Deeply About Love and Life

Updated on December 15, 2015

Quotes that Will Change the Way You Think

I know my intentions with folks are all love, but there comes a time where I understand that LOVE has different levels. Just because people say they love you, doesn't mean they won't hurt you, I'm not mad at folks who have certain ways, I just have to understand their story and realize they're going to be who they are, I can't change that, I can only change me. By the end of the day, we all have a past, we all experienced bad things, we all overcome some type of trials and tribulations, so don't be so quick to judge the next if you can't look in the mirror and can't judge yourself. The following life changing quotes are powerful words that will change the way you think and make you think twice in every situation.

Think before talk
Think before talk

10 Quotes That Make You Think About Love

  1. Love is an internal stuff. Stop trying to convince others that you are in love with them. If you have love really inside your heart, they will see it.
  2. I can honestly say, things aren't the same anymore. People change, feelings change, setbacks happens then blessings fall, but by the end of the day, love yourself enough so you will never feel alone, respect yourself enough to know your worth and step back from those who love to see you fall because changes coming every day.
  3. Everybody wants the same things like love, money, respect, trust and loyalty, but they don't do what it takes to earn it.
  4. Our traditional ways of learning were to listen, look, and do. We need to see the teachings in everything we do and be the role models we once were as a people. As you walk through your day ask yourself if you are honoring the seven sacred teachings of humility, honesty, courage, love, respect, truth and wisdom.
  5. Love is the power to see the similarity in the dissimilar. When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. Love doesn't need a reason. It speaks from the irrational wisdom of the heart. Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole staircase.
  6. If you are with someone and you have to wonder if they want, love or desire you, you may be with the wrong person. True feelings are evident.
  7. It hurts to let go of those you love, but it will hurt more if you continue to stay and be hurt by the same ones you love. The pain doesn't last forever unless you stay in the same situation. Learn to love yourself and love will find you.
  8. When you get down and feel like there's no way out, get up and put a smile on your face and know you are loved by someone.
  9. Some will love it, some will hate it. I am who I am and I continue to dish good vibes. If it's not good vibes swinging back my way, it's not for me.
  10. There is no feeling like the feeling of being filled and overwhelmed with the Love of someone. Tears of joy, chills down your spine, a sudden sense of euphoria, nothing compares.

Do you think twice before every action?

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27 Quotes That Make You Think About Life

  1. These are the best inspiring quotes that will change the way you think and you may think twice and wisely about every matter of your life.
  2. People don't know what it feels like until it happens to them. That why I don't revenge because one day somebody will do it to them. I just sit back and watch Karma go to work.
  3. If you don't know what the battle is, you will be hard pressed to win.
  4. Negative Thinking with a closed mind leads right back to you and only harms you. You cannot progress, learn and grow until you invest time in the process of thinking. Despite popular belief, conscious thinking is a skill.
  5. The enemy is not always an external force battling against you. Sometimes you are your own worst enemy, succumbing to negative thoughts and external opinions.
  6. You can never outrun from your past. Even when you move on from it there will always be someone trying to bring you back and bring you down. Sometimes even when you cut the lifeline they still are living there waiting for you.
  7. Where ever you are at in your life there are people watching, there are people counting on you, and whether you have children or don't have children you are leaving a legacy with each choice that you make with eyes watching you hopeful.
  8. Wisdom is not an empty word spoken in vain or dormant ideas, but the Ability to discern differences and scriptural solutions to Human.
  9. When you're wise, you attract blessing.
  10. Wisdom produces creative wealth, ideas and solutions.
  11. When you are power intoxicated without having value for life and humanity; life and humanity will someday overthrow you.
  12. Greater judgments await those who talks about good than doing the opposite.
  13. I remain utterly dismayed by the willingness of people to talk ill of their employers on Social Media sites. Facebook is not the place to take out your frustrations over current work situations. Save your outrage for your close confines.
  14. Get on your knees and seek wisdom, then you'll find knowledge and your purpose in life.
  15. Knowledge is knowing what to say, but wisdom is knowing when and how to say it. Knowledge might increase with age, but wisdom doesn't have age as a prerequisite.
  16. You really have to find the balance between being nice and being firm with someone. Too much of either one or they'll take advantage or under appreciate it. Whatever it is, just make sure the effort is transparent, wholehearted and honest.
  17. Stop asking for permission to be great. Because just like anyone, you deserve to be seen and admired as the next person who's just as great.
  18. You have to shed old skin to become new. There are things you have to let go to reach places you want to go, do not attach to dead weight. That dead weight doesn't only have to be another person, it could be you.
  19. You have to believe that more exists. Your situation is not final. You can be better, have better. You can do more. You can become more, so change the things.
  20. Nothing that is real can ever be in danger. The truth does not need to be defended.
  21. Life is like a mirror. If you want to see your reflection smile, you don't try to change the reflection. You simply smile and the reflection has no choice but to change, maybe not immediately, but eventually.
  22. It takes a certain kind of strength to be down and still wish the best for others, a strength that most people won't have.
  23. In the world full of so many distractions you have to stay focused on your purpose, mission and goal and don’t give up the dream. Absolutely everything has to do with your mindset.
  24. When life gets hard, you have to grasp it. When it comes, you have to take it on the chin, adjust and correct it. There's no such thing as getting off easy.
  25. Life was hard to even before it all got messed up, but even the blackest of coals turn to diamonds under pressure.
  26. I never compare another individual to the next because we all are different in many ways but may have some similarities and nobody is perfect. Work on yourself not other's.
  27. Learn your surroundings and accept who they are, some people will always be them, but you have a chose to be you, if you want to see change, lead by example and start with yourself. The only person I can change is ME.

They say some of the things that happen to us are a result of our actions or inaction's. But sometimes you can't help but wonder where you’re wrongdoing lies, why you have to suffer for an offense you never knew you committed or you never committed at all. Why does being happy have to be so difficult? Sometimes you think of ending it all, but on second thought you consider what's happening a test, of hope, of faith and of love; and decide you want to go on because you've given a lot and giving up would be cowardly. Sometimes what prevents you from looking at the big picture is the picture itself.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      These inspirational words about life really let me think about my life in depth, thank you for sharing.


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