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Quotes To Keep You A Float

Updated on December 15, 2014

To live a full engaged life, you need to recognize darkness is born within light.

1. "When you get up from a fall,
you'll know more than nothing at all."

2. "Find the courage in your heart to forgive,
and the power in your mind to forget."

3. "Allow your past to guide you,
but never hold you back.
Rely on memories,
to keep you on track."

4. "Your heart is meant to love everything
- it's your mind that prevents you.

5. "Don't know what to call it,
but I can surely feel it.
Don't know what to do with it,
but I surely don't want to ruin it.
If I can't see it nor control it,
I assume it must be love.

6. "No matter where you go,
I will follow,
your my love yesterday, today, and tomorrow."

7. "Your love is like a drug
- A weapon used for self destruction."

8. "The sin of my broken heart,
will always love the wholeness of yours."

9. "Love is a terrible thing to hate."

10. "Everyone says you're the one that got away,
To me you're just the one that could have stayed."


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