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Quotes about laughter

Updated on May 22, 2013

- Laughter is the Most Useful Form of Criticism

Laughter is the most useful form of criticism, because it is more accessible to the crowd. Laughter is addressed not to the scholar and philosopher, but the weight of the immense anonymous public. That is why today is so useful as irreverent laugh at ideas from the past: the crowd does not mind ideas, dealing with the visible formulas, conventional ideas. For example: the people in Portugal, the provinces, not a Catholic - is padrista: what does he know about the morality of Christianity? theology? the ultramontanism? You knows about the holy mud he has at home, and the healing that is in church.

By Eça de Queiroz

- Laughter is the Best Indicator of Soul

I think in most cases, when a person laughs becomes disgusting to look at it. Manifested in the laughter of people, most of the time, something that humiliates those coarse laugh, although that person almost never know what effect your laughter brings. Nor do they know (nobody knows, anyway) the guy does when he sleeps. Some people hold on sleep a smart guy, but there are others who, though intelligent, do a stupid guy to sleep it becomes ridiculous.
I do not know why this happens, just want to point out that the person laughing, as the sleeper does not know the guy who does. In general, there are very many people who can not laugh. Incidentally, this is not something you learn: it is a gift, it can not be perfect laughter. Unless we reeduquemos inwardly, that we develop for the better and that we overcome the evil instincts of our nature: laughter may then also possibly change for the better. The person expresses what is in laughter, you can instantly know all their secrets.

By Dostoievsky

quotes about laughter
quotes about laughter


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