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Quotes and random things to say

Updated on April 9, 2016


By Vicky Burg

1. Smart people aren't smart, they have only been objective enough to see how simple the world really is.

2.Don't look up to me, most pictures are only pretty unlit you take a closer look.

3.When you decide to try something, you already decided that you give yourself the option to fail. If you decide to do something you have already succeeded.

4.Knowing everything can help you succeed but, really understanding only a few things will let you excel.

5.Misleading yourself with the idea of what you think you know is harder that being objective and following the facts.

6.Which person would you rather be? The one who know all the words and can't execute anything, or the person that executes everything, not having time to learn all the words.

7.Having people believe your lies will lead to then not believing your truths.

8.Your life could be gone tomorrow so what are you doing today.

9.The moment you start asking for sympathy, you have stopped looking for solutions.

10.Everything in life is part of an experience you will leave behind someday, don't blame it, embrace it.

11.Tomorrow you can be ten times the person you are today, look at what your doing right now and ask, Will I Be?

12.The only way a person can push you down is if you don't push up.

13.Don't stick to those around you because you need them, Stick by them because they need you.

14.Being happy is really easy. The source of anger is anxiety and anxiety is you holding back so, let it out.

15.True unhappiness comes from becoming the person you acted to be.

16.The only way to know your true limits are to push yourself and find them.

17.Every person around you will choose to be like you or to be the opposite of you, It's your choice which one they choose.


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