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Rarly Discussed, yet Important Tips for Uploading a Book Through Createspace and Kindle Direct Publishing

Updated on July 4, 2016


Create Space and Kindle Direct Publishing are awesome self-publishing services that are offered by These services, makes it to where everyone can upload, and sell their very own books and e-books through, in America, and multiple European countries! You can even sell them through their expanded distribution channels (major distribution companies) for free! Oftentimes, formatting everything can be a bit of a pain, so below are some tips that I with I knew while I was writing my book “Let’s Start A Coin Collections Perfect Pocket Sized Book of Coins”.

The Almost Never Discussed Tips

1.When formatting your book make sure that you do not use the default page size unless if that is how big you want your book to be!

2.Make sure that you look into the tax aspect of making royalties online, if you make more than $10 in royalties each year than you have to pay federal taxes (if you live in the US).

3.Take into consideration the profit margins before you make create space your final destination, because their margins are fairly low. Currently, my book costs $14.35 on and I am getting about $4.7 for each book that is sold!

4. In my opinion, it is best to not spend money to get the book uploaded by someone else because it is not that difficult. (Some of the things that confused me are discussed below!

5. You have to have all of the content, including the page numbers inside of the margins.

6. HOW TO HAVE THE PAGE NUMBERS INSIDE OF THE PAGE MARGINS. In this case, master pages are going to be your friend! In order to edit the master page, you are going to go to the thumbnail display for the pages in publisher, right click, on any thumbnail, then highlight master pages then click edit master page. After this, you can insert page numbers by going to insert, at the top of the page, then click page numbers and choose where you want your page numbers to be. After you insert the page numbers, you drag “#” symbol, as if it is a normal object into the margins of the page where you want the numbers to appear in your book. Then you click master page, and apply to, then all pages. Then, to close the master page click close master page The master page is the lowest layer in publisher, so none of your text or images are going to move after this change is made! (the video below should help with the master page thing).

7. Your book has to be an industry standard size if you want to utilize their expanded distribution channels. The sizes are outlined here .

8.The smallest book that Create Space can make is 4’’ by 6’’.

9. When using publisher, make sure that your print ready PDF is the size of the book that you are producing. To do this in publisher you go to, file, save as, then under the section where you name the file there is a drop down menu where you click PDF. After this, you click options, then print options. After you click Print Options, there is a drop down menu, right next the word “size” where you select custom and set the PDF to be the size of the book that you are making.

10.Start to promote your book, before it gets released.

Amazon Kindle Fire
Amazon Kindle Fire | Source

What is Kindle Direct Publishing?

Kindle Direct Publishing is a Service that is Offered by Amazon that allows anyone to sell their book digitally through the Kindle Store and the Kindle App!

Benifits of Kindle Direct Publishing, in combination with Create Space

I strongly recommend that, after you publish your book through CreateSpace you also publish it through Kindle Direct Publishing! This is because Kindle direct publishing is an awesome marketing tool for your book that will allow you to drive sales, because you can have the same version of your book for a cheaper price than you can through CreateSpace! One thing that is awesome about Kindle Direct Publishing is that, because the costs are much less for Amazon they can give you a much greater percentage of the profits for each book that is sold! In fact, my book is $4.95 on Kindle, and I make $3.33 for each book that is sold!

Should I enroll my book in KDP select?


KDP Select is an awesome marketing tool that is offered by Kindle Direct Publishing, that allows you to drive sales to your books! The biggest thing to keep in mind when making this decision about enrolling in KDP Select, is that if you have your e-book enrolled in this program you cannot sell your e-book anywhere else, except through kindle. Despite this, there are many benefits to having your book enrolled in this program!

One benefit that this program provides to authors, is multiple marketing tools. One such tool, is a free book promotion tool, where you can offer your book for free for five days during each 90 day period! This, is very useful because it helps your book get exposure, and oftentimes leades to increased sales in the future. Another promotion that you can offer is a "Kindle Countdown Deal". This is where you start to sell your book for a much lower price on one day, and over the course of five days the price increases until it reaches your normal list price! This tool is very useful as well because it allows you to promote your book, while making some money from royalties. You can even reach a much larger audience with KDP Select because this program allows you to sell your book in international markets, utilize the "Authors Lending Library", and make money from the Kindle unlimited each month, based on how many pages people read of your book by Kindle Unlimited Users.

If you do not want to enroll in KDP select, kindle is still an awesome marking tool for your version on Create Space because you can utilize a service called Kindle MatchBook where, if someone purchases a physical copy of your book through they can get a copy of it on their kindle for $2.99 or less!

Tips for converting your book to the Kindle Direct Publishing Format

1. If you have a lot of images, (like my book does in chapter 2, for coin identification) keep the file in a PDF format. I know that the text is going to be a weird color in multiple places, and that the images are going to be weird sizes but all of the images are on the same layer when they are in a PDF format, so placing them where you want to go is going to be a lot easier!

2.Make sure that you do not have the same group of text repeated twice! If this occurs, then you may have some text that is left out! (This occurred for me when I accidentally had a page duplicated.)

How to fix the problem that is mentioned in statement number one, above.

This, as many of the other things that are stated in this article, was determined by trial and error, but none more than most this tip. Ok… here it goes. The image sizes in the previewer are based on the size of the original images, from their original location! This was a game changer for me, because I had images of coins, and for some reason one image of one coin was a lot larger than another image of another coin. After two weeks, I figured it out! it turns out that when creating the publisher file for create space I had gotten images that were not the same size originally.

To make sure that your images are of the size intended, and your text is the correct color, save the parts of the document that is weird in the previewer as JPEG images, and insert the image to replace the page! This works because Kindle does not change the content within images, and because a PDF is a single layer document, the pages are going to stay in the correct order!


I really hope that these tips save you a lot of time and frustration! Create pace, and Kindle Direct Publishing are awesome resources for anyone to use, and I really hope that you have a great day!!

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