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Updated on July 25, 2016

There are certain things in life that you wish you didn't do but you did...

and no matter how hard you try and think about it you can never undo what has been done.

Wishing you can go back in time just to make everything right.

But unfortunately it can't be done.

All you can do now is show and prove that you realized the mistake you did and you are sincerely sorry.

You may not be forgiven that easily or worst not be accepted again.

But what matters most is that you did what should be done and you did everything.

Just don't give up! Be patient...

Maybe not today nor tomorrow but the right time will come and everything will fall in its place again.

Just have faith and believe in the love you once shared.

The mistakes you did are lessons in life which should make you a better person.

Nobody is perfect thus everyone deserves a second chance in life and love.

if there are no second chances, all of us is just a failure.


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