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Updated on January 19, 2010




“The Barn Gang Detective Agency Series”


“B&G Book #1”


“The Ghost of Fad Mountain Mystery”




Lisa Luv


Lisa J. Warner










          My Detective Readers;

Before you enter into working on this mystery case, I just wanted to remind all of you once again to beware and take heed of all the “RED ALERTS” you have been given.


          I wish you amazing fun, and will pray for your safety.


          If you are able to, please try and help the B&G detectives from staying out of harms way.


          Enjoy the challenge to your detective skills as you enter the case of “THE GHOST OF FAD MOUNTAIN MYSTERY”!


          GOOD LUCK!













Chapter # 12


No Cases on a Mid Summer Day


          It was a very hot squeltering summers day.  The air was humid with no movement at all.  The stagnant heat made the Barn Gang Detectives barely move themselves, as they sipped on lemonade in their non-air-conditioned second floor barn office.


          Even though the detectives had the big barn door wide open, there seemed to be no chance to catch relief from a breeze even up as high in the sky as this second story home base.


          All the detectives were there at the agency, even Cindy Lou.  Cindy Lou’s outfit “you might say” could be going down a runway as the latest summer fashion for the season.


          There had been no calls to come into the agency in almost a month.  Saying “Business is slow” would be an understatement to say the least.


          The whole gang was bored.  They were all sitting around doing their own things, just passing the summer’s day with out too much heated exertion.


          Cindy Lou sat there calmly doing her nails.  Sayno was playing some sort of game on his computer.  Blenner was leaning back in his office chair resting his feet on his desk with his eyes shut.


          Often Blenner would do this shutting eye thing claiming to the others that he was just resting his eyes, but everyone knew when he started snoring that Blenner was truly sleeping.


          Jake was slouched on a couch doing something with his cell phone.  Maara was on another couch laying down reading.


          While Maara read she had day dream thoughts; “ how it is a lucky thing we had picked up these couches someone was throwing away on the side walk for big garbage pick up day.” Maara continued to think; “They really come in so handy, and they are still perfectly good.” “They help make these kinda laid back days in the office so much more comfortable”  Maara pondered more on; “How amazing it is that people throw out such good stuff” “Darn lucky for us!”


          Goose was in the area of the agency that he had claimed as his technical invention table.  Sitting on his work stool bent over on the table with both elbows resting on the wood and his head resting in his hands thinking.

          Goose thought of many project ideas to work on, but it was so hot that he couldn’t get moving to do anything.


          Lee sat backwards at her desk in her cushioned swivel office chair toying and fumbling with her coup Aton. 

          My detective readers if you are wondering what a coup Aton is, I better try and explain it right now.  As well the explanation will give you an opportunity to know another talent of Lee’s.


          Bare with me as I try to describe and explain what a coup Aton is in laymen’s terms. 

          A coup Aton is a martial arts weapon you must get trained to use.  It is made out of metal, about the length of a pencil.  It is shaped like a  long cylinder about a half inch in diameter which generally has a whole punched in one end to allow the user to clip it onto a key chain or belt loop.

          Some coup Atons have the opposite end of the clip whole not changing it’s cylinder shape, however Lee’s coup Aton at the opposite end from the clip whole comes to a rounded point.


          Yes my detective readers Lee has taken martial art courses, mainly in the category of self defense.


          Some of the other detectives carry mace, pepper spray, and even tiny stun guns at certain times for self protection.  However these weapons for self protection purposes can backfire on you opposed to being trained with a coup Aton. 


          The way pepper spray, mace, and stun guns will work against you, besides you accidently hurting yourself on a windy day or the misfortune of a child getting a hold of them and harming themselves is that you could come up against someone who could take a weapon away from you and than be in big trouble, because now you’ve given them a weapon to use against you.  Imagine your weapon stolen and actually now used against you. 


          However with a coup Aton if it gets taken away from you someone would had to be trained to use it effectively, so you usually will not have your own weapon (coup Aton) used against you.  Besides a coup Aton kept in a home is not harmful to children.


          As well if you walk boldly with a coup Aton it also gives you the persona that says ‘ don’t mess with me” which acts as a very effective deterrent for crooks not to choose you to mug because muggers want a victim that looks like a victim.


          Now for Lee to learn this coup Aton she took a special weapons defense course which also included disarming a gun put to your head, and what to do when you come up against a criminal with a knife.  Besides how to tell if the person with the knife is an expert knife user.


          My friends; the experts taught Lee there are some cases like with an expert knife user, your only chance will be to run and pray you get away.

          Many armed force services are trained to use the coup Aton.  I am guessing the “Green Baree” and other “special Forces” in the military.


          In any case learning to use and carrying the coup Aton is a lot of the times much safer than carrying other choices of weapons for protection.


          In addition the coup Aton and Lee’s other martial art training comes in very handy with her detective work.


My detective readers up in the agency on this hot summers day, it was no joke.  These detectives were just passing time out of pure boredom, and the immense sticky heat was causing them to be sweaty, lethargic, and not too happy.


          Finally Lee with a loud clang placed her coup Aton on her desk.  Her face showed a frustrated look as she spoke out loud to the rest of the gang and said; “This is ridiculous!” “There are no cases coming in, we are hot, and bored!” “We need to do something else!” “I think we should claim this an agency vacation day!”


          All detectives’ eyes were on Lee and she stood there a bit self conscious from being so bold with her opinion.  But than Lee relaxed when she heard Maara pipe up and say; “I agree!” “Let’s all swim in the pool to get cool, and relax comfortably from this agency stuff!”


          Next Goose’s voice was heard to say; “Excellent Idea!”  In a split second all the other detectives chimed in their own agreements!


          Upon everyone’s approval the detectives organized themselves to disperse to change into their swimming gear, and meet back as soon as possible at the Feezie’s swimming pool. The pool was located between the barn and the Feezie’s house where their parents could check on them easily for water safety reasons.
























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