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Updated on July 12, 2016

The call came in today

My package is arriving soon

I've to be home to sign them

All hopes are high

All the long hours of praying

My fate shall I know today

Waiting outside. With that long smile on my face

The rain is falling heavily

I don't care how wet or cold I get

My PACKAGE is coming!

From afar I see the delivery man

My heart beats twice the normal rate

I'm Scared that I will be rejected

Scared that I will be rejected because of my sins

I sign the package

My heart trembles

My body is shaking

I can't even hold the pen well

But with courage I hold the pen

I open the package in a rush

All I see Is a letter and my documents

As I read the letter. I questioned God

I asked why.Tears drop from my eyes

I felt my world has has fallen to the bottom of the sea

Confused I was! I could barely say a word

Anger ate my soul!

I felt hopeless.

Wished I could go back to time And change a few things

I blamed myself . I hated myself for that moment

I gave up on all things

But I remember

"As long As There Is Life! There is Hope"

Then I smiled.That moment changed my life

Rejection redeemed me!

Gave me hope!

Made me strong. My family stood by me

They encouraged me.

I saw the bright side of my dark world

That is still the toughest time of my life

My dreams where scattered

But I didn't let my life to be

From then I saw the good side in every bad thing

I Accepted my Rejection

With faith! That I shall build a stronger dream

I moved on! I made decisions then that sometimes

I wish to take them back

But I don't regret every bit my life since then

I became stronger! I became happier

I learnt a lot! I'm tougher now

I live everyday knowing it won't come back

I have full control of my happiness

Be strong in your hard times

Don't give up on life

Don't give up on GOD

Smile and say


We must face tough times

The way we handle them

Determines who we are

Don't Give up!

Accept your Rejection!


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