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Quality of Life - Pass the Reproductive Health Bill

Updated on February 28, 2012

Our need of Reproductive Health Bill. The RH Bill needs to be passed. This isn't simply about population control, at its core it is about women's rights and our reproductive health and well-being. This Bill also tackles economic issues; poverty and even the spread of STDs. So let's use some common sense here and consider the greater interest of women, and our community.

Basic, human, universal

For the right of true well-being

Quality of life is essential

Turn around what we're seeing

Common sense says inform

Consideration and decision

Family planning at its core

In greater interest of women

How can a mother give care

When her family is too large?

Clear choice to make it fair

She should be taking charge

Not a gender issue alone

A whole country choice frees

Greater living to be shown

And reduction of disease

The message here for you

Is let's pass the RH bill then

For anything adults will do

Will certainly affect the children.

2011 Moira G. Gallaga©


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