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Rings and Fings 25

Updated on March 5, 2015

The old Black mercedes sat there like an excited monster. It reminded Rachael of the kind of car they had in those old black and white spy films.

But these weren't spies, they were farmers, well at least one was. As for his Three son's, Rachael really didn't know what they did for sure.

The bright headlights teased the swirling rain, turning drops into starbursts before they exploded and died in the grass.

The four men interruputed the beams and cast long shadows which stretched to the steps.

For a few frozen moments Rachael and the Traveller stood looking down at them.

A troupe of macabre entertainers with the pubs sign light as their spotlight.

Farmer spike was in his usual heavy farmers garb, a sturdy long coat, to his left stood a seething Spam in his usual scruffy jeans and baggy jumper, to his left was Basher, the shortest of the Brothers.

He was wearing his usual attire of thrift shop black suit, wrinkled soft white shirt and a loosely knotted school tie.

He had a ghoulish face, wide and white as fungus and his Blood red lips formed a sickle smile.

In this light and with the rain pourng off his slick black hair, he looked scarier than usual.

Then Boo, Looking more like a GQ model than a farmer, stylish dark trousers, open neck shirt and an Italian leather racing jacket.

He was good looking and rachael did actually quite fancy him but personality goes a long way, as does family association.

He was smooth and intelligent, along with evil and psychotic. It was rumored he had east end connections, no doubt from his University days In London.

They were all smirking in their own way.

Rachael heard the pub door open behind her, she turned to see the dark farmers seep out.

They spread along the pubs wall, no doubt, to watch the upcoming show.

Officer Chuch was the last of them out and closed the door softly.

Rachael shot him a spearing look, enough, she thought, to melt his face off his stinking skull, but he just looked a bit scared instead.

"Okay travelling Gypsy man or whatever you are." Growled Farmer Spike Loudly.

Rachael turned back to face the Farmers four.

It was obvious he was addressing the Traveller, who himself had not moved an inch, but kept a steady glare on the threat in front of him.

"Your business in this valley is over, now we were just going to run you out, but fairs fair after what you did to poor Spam here," He gestured to his damaged Son. "Time for some country justice," This caused snickers from the Brothers and a few muffled chuckles from the slime standing behind rachael.

"A few minutes with the boys here should soften you up a bit, then you will be dragged out of the valley," He raised his hands in the air and said loudly, "The end."

At this the Traveller began to walk slowly and deliberately down the steps.

More than any other noise, Rachael heard the sound of his boots on the wooden steps, her mind was reeling

Don't go down there! "What are you doing?" She shouted.

He didn't turn around. "You can't fight Four of them."

He stepped onto the ground and walked towards the aggressors, they readied themselves, but the traveller stopped dead again and remained motionless like a robot awaiting new data.

Rachael came to some realisations, the first was that the law was unlikely to help, in fact it was more likely to do the opposite.

And that she could help, in some way. Rushing down those steps and battling the Bastards? Maybe, or some other way.

But she was standing in treacle and like in a dream was helpless and paraysed.

And finally that this violence was very real and was just about to begin.


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