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Updated on April 24, 2013

Rachael heard loud taps at her window. "What?" she thought.

It had about an hour since the traveler had announced that they were off to the pub. She had bathed and was thinking about what to wear when she heard the taps. Wrapping her green robe tight around her she went to her window. There standing in the back garden was the traveler. The light from the house illuminated him. He was dressed in his usual layers of black clothes including the long coat and tri-cornered hat. he was holding a handful of stones in his right hand and was preparing to throw one with his left. His old leather bag sat at his feet.

Rachael swung open the left side window. He was beaming up at her, “Yes, can I help you?” she said with lightness in her voice. “Come along; your dalliance is frustrating.”

Since she had met him she had not heard him demand or become angry at anything. Only once, when he had told her to go inside when he was fighting Spam.

Rachael could sense lightness in his voice too, but he was obviously eager to get to the pub. Rachael on the other hand wasn’t. She had never been there. She had enough problems with the locals as it was without walking into the lion's den. “I have to get dressed, ” she said with a laugh.

“You look wonderful,” he returned. “Let’s away, Len says it Is music night tonight.”

“Okay," she said closing the window, it was a mild evening and the storm clouds had yet to form on the horizon.

"Music night? What does that mean?"Rachael wondered.

Rachael gets the jitters.

Amongst her feelings of anxiety, she felt slightly excited to be going out, even if it was to the village pub. Rachael felt something else, too. She was actually going out of the house to do something fun with a bloke, albeit a weird traveling black clothed magician bloke of some sorts.It was as though she did not care about danger or bad events happening to her when he was near her. She felt, well, safe.

"Music night eh?, " she thought as she ruminated on her fashion choices. "In that case the old black doc marten boots, thick black tights, a long floral dress and my dads old black leather biker jacket, and probably this beret, yes."

Finally ready she bounced down the curved stairs past the staring owl and burst out into the front garden. There a happy looking traveler sat on the millstone, smiling so hard that his high cheekbones dimpled.

“Come on,” she said to him, “lets away.”

He jumped off the table and landed in front of her. Rachael didn’t flinch, she was getting used to his energetic antics. They stepped up the three steps from the garden onto the driveway.The spotlights he had installed along the top of the barn flashed on, she decided not to ask how for now. The lights lit up the pair like they were starring on the stage. He offered her his arm; she took it, and off they went.

From his spot on the roof where the traveler had been sitting earlier, Legion the cat watched them as they made their way along the hedged driveway.


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