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Racehorse - a poem

Updated on June 11, 2011


Your eyes are black and wild

Your body is taut and perfect as Roman sculpture

The animal is born to run

You dance in the paddock

Anxious to be the thing you are

Your nostrils flare as if breathing fire

Angel wingbeats twitch your ears

Your veins protrude - your blood pumps so hard

Your body steams, your heat evaporates in the air

Tense and nervous your spirit is in flight

A spring ready to explode into the rhythm of hooves on turf

The earth is your war drum

The pattern of your running feet a mystery until slowed frame by frame

The racehorse is that heart in the moment of fatal collision

The racehorse is that heart when first words are spoken to the one you love

The racehorse is that heart when your first born rests in your arms

You are life in sinew and blood

And you are when you tear the ground and nod the yards

You see them come round the turn and down the final furlong finally the sound catching the vision

We saw you on the plains and felt envy in our souls

We clung to your back to be free

You take the form our hearts would love to be

Equus you have carried man so far


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    • profile image

      Tisbraw 5 years ago

      Hi Hotspur,

      I love this poem.

      My Father-in-Law has unfortunately just died, he was a great lover of racehorses and worked in Newmarket in the racing world as a jockey and then went on to train jockeys, my Brother-in-Law included.

      I wish to read your poem at his Service next week and would of couse love to credit you in the order of service, as is only right.

      Please could you email me at with your full name so I can do this.

      Also if you have any objections to me using your peom as my reading please let me know as soon as possibe so I can find a back up.

      Thank you


    • hotspur profile image

      hotspur 7 years ago from England

      Thanks russiangypsygirl, glad there was horseness in the poem for you - they are fantastic beasts.

    • russiangypsygirl profile image

      russiangypsygirl 7 years ago

      I could practically see and feel the horse you described. I share your awe of them.

    • hotspur profile image

      hotspur 8 years ago from England

      Hey Larry, thanks again...comments like your give the engine petrol (gas).

    • maven101 profile image

      maven101 8 years ago from Northern Arizona

      A wonderful expression of gathered passion..Thumbs up for this one..Thanks, Larry