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Rachel OB's Original Poetry

Updated on April 2, 2017

Angel By Rachel O'Brien

Angels on earth

Are put here

To protect and

Watch over us

Some People are

Angels among us,

Standing strong with

Wings spread out

Ready to fly

And wrap us

In their embrace,

And sweet surrender

I get the

Strong feeling that

You’re my angel

And I’d be

Lost Without you

You are here

Guiding my way,

Protecting me, and

Keeping me from


You are the

Light at the

End of a

Dark Tunnel

You are the

One that keeps

Me going when

I want to

Give up

You have a

Heart pure as

Gold, that cannot

Stay Mad

And find the

Good in people

Despite their flaws

And if you

Have to die

Young, my angel

Because only angels

Get called up

To heaven too


You’ll be forever

On my mind,

In my heart, thoughts,

And prayers

And I’ll try

To keep that

Smile on my Face

Because I know

You’d hate to

See me cry

And wipe away

My tears

Angel, I’ll forever

Live my life

In memory of

You and all

That you wanted

Me to do


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