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Minorities/Racism is Dead

Updated on September 13, 2016

You no longer have to pick cotton

nor longer are you working in the fields

you choose to do drugs

your own kind you choose to kill

you make excuses for lack of success

you could have worked and pulled yourself up by the bootstraps

but instead you choose to play ball all day

waiting for a check to fall in your lap

you are no longer shackled

it's all in your head

you have a fair shot

racism is now dead

you were given a chance

we gave you schools to learn

there are no more white sheets

on your lawn crosses don't burn

if you just do what the cops tell you

don't commit crimes but do right instead

the media is feeding you this

but racism is now dead

all you want is a hand out

you got the same opportunity as me

I worked hard for what I got

but you just want whatever is free

I worked hard for my job

I may have an edge because of who I know

but you have the same chance as me

in my class they told me so

maybe some of you get shot

but the numbers can't be true

if an officer gives you an order

take not, that order is for you

I don't get pulled over by cops

but it's not because of the color of my skin

for I am a faithful servant of the Lord

and having hate is a sin

you allow the media to fool you

you allow yourself to be mislead

it doesn't exist

racism is now dead

so you can sit down for the anthem

what is that going to change

unless you get your lazy butt get off that couch

it will be the same day after day

as i send my kids to private school

to get a good education and learn to work hard

I sit back sipping lemonade reading the paper

while some Mexicans trim and cut my yard

so you can shoot and holler

you can kick and scream

racism is now dead

this is the american dream!


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