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The Search

Updated on July 18, 2017

For Years I lived my life alone,

In search for a friend in this world unknown;

My hopes had fled, nothing left but dread,

For people can’t see what is special in me.

Days passed by with no signs of hope,

Telling myself to go on and cope.

How great it is to find a friend

A friend who will stick to the very end.

I am now in the verge of great distress,

Wishing that my thoughts be suppressed;

For it is like a shackle that I cannot break free,

Starting to wonder “is there wrong in me?”

All of a sudden in the midst of my darkness,

A voice was heard and gave a gentle caress;

At last! My search has come to an end,

For I found someone whom I can call a friend.

What a fool I’ve been to cause my own strife;

Because now I realize the wonder and perplexity of life;

The friend that I’m searching for that long,

Has been in front of me all along.


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