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Updated on December 6, 2016

Failed suicide attempt
I must be heaven sent
Future getting darker hard to shine behind the tint
Refuse to be dishonest but the truth is that I'm ruthless
Hardwork supposed to pay off but so far it's been useless
Well I won't act so clueless I had a part play
I was just caught up in the newness
led myself astray
It went from soon we'll be moving to i moved the other day
I was stricken by the power now I'm looking weak living week to week
Checking for the check
Losing all the sleep
Neglectful with the sex
Argue out of stress
Say shit out of spite
Honestly it all came from wanting to lay with you at night
Caress you as a true king
Nigga been so salty it's been hard for me to do things
Cause I been in a slump
Excuse me if I stomp
Around when I'm down
Like the kid that I've become
From a man to a boy
a baller to a bum
Can't go crawling back to Ma
Cause she still get supported
Migrated for a reason
Can't go back I retorted
Going through it with myself
Some shit I can't let go of
Would reach out for help but ain't none that I know of that don't wanna take the credit don't wanna pull your card when you moving ahead and they still have it hard
So now your jobs a dead end and now your wife's a broad you should say forget and go and get fitted
Garrison your headed
Traveling abroad
to serve or so it's called but really I don't get it
Either way I lose
If I stay or go if
I say I don't
Things that she don't know
Take the wrong approach
Accuse ? Abuse?
What's the difference in current situation
You hurt me but you don't care or is it that you don't see it sometime I feel I'm just here for you to use at your leisure
A side kick of sorts the tie in your shorts to keep them from falling
Although you know they don't fit but you steady wear them
Try not to tear them from the occasional pulling
Sometimes I swear that your culling
My flaws from the past
I try to contrast but you just won't let me
You break me down till I'm ash
A yacht to a jet ski
Can't you let me be
Sit Back and just watch
Try not to be the referee that's stopping the clock
I'm trying make us a playbook
take us to the ship
Put us on a ship
So we can say hey look
At sights from the VIP
Views in paradise


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