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Rage On The Page That Is My Stage.

Updated on April 15, 2010

Here I sit

pounding Keys

like a hurricane

off of Florida's tip.


My fingers

are jackhammers

trying to break up

the ass faults of the world

hoping to build something

more concrete.


Of course I'd

rather my

Indexed finger

would be pounding

the chests

of false prophets,

false profits.


The leeches who

make speeches

against the ranges

of changes

that cut into their

capitalistic gains

their minor financial drains

their "End of America "


The Sarah Palin's

whose wailings

come with

high priced hotels

first class rooms....

she lives well.


While telling the crowds

we are all going to hell,

under Obama's leadership

we will face the death knell.


Plus a hundred

thousand dollars

to pay for her hollers

over how bad she lost....

it helps cover her costs.


Stirring the masses

with her winks

beneath glasses

telling all to take aim

target leaders ....reclaim

what was lost last election

stirring redneck erections

angry at her rejection

when we all sought perfection

under Barack's direction.


First stop

Health Care reform

where they came in a storm

of their raised Hitler signs

and endless loud whines

against 32 million

less fortunate civilians

getting coverage for ills

and fair prices for pills

while these protesters walk

without any kind of squawk

into E.R's where they'd

get quick aid fully paid.


Tea baggers who swaggered

with eyes shooting daggers

their bullhorns all blaring

with some of them swearing

at black men left wearing

the spit hate was sharing

this angry mob tearing

at anyone daring

to help folks in need.


But health care was passed

leaving them all aghast

no more chances for stalling

and the sky isn't falling

the stock market's rising

which isn't surprising

health insurance is adding

a whole lot of padding

new patients to care for

as our nation shares more

of its vast wealth with all.


So now it's repeal

take away what could heal

vote a new party in

head on back

where we'd been

screw the poor

find a win

with more Republicans.


But that's just who we voted

out of office..... demoted,

men whose wallets were bloated

and whose hands were blood coated

in two wars that dragged on

longer than Vietnam

while huge bank

loans were floated

and torture promoted,

So the nation devoted

faith to a man toted

to bring about change

leaving bush fans deranged

feeling somewhat shortchanged.


Next will be immigration

some reform for our nation

that is long overdue.


Bushes methods

were skewed,

when he built a great wall

that's a beacon to all

every day folks ascend

all its intricate bends

everywhere it extends.

We all need something more

and that wall needs a door

to register those

who'd sneak over and fall

on American soil

where they'll work hard and toil

for the rich folks who know

they'll take wages so cheap

leaving profits to reap.


Yes, there's

change coming round

and there's keys I must pound

cause I'm tired of the sounds

from the losers who hound

every effort that's made

to help folks who need aid.


You see, I grew up poor,

and I know how it feels

to not have what you need

I watched both my folks bleed

so much angst, sweat and tears

through my leanest of years.


It's time we realize

that we must compromise

share a piece of the pies,

put some hope in the eyes

of the needy whose cries

are what some folks despise.

All the haves who refuse

all the have nots whose blues

can with care be made right

added to red and white

Making red, white and blues

as our nation renews

all those put to the screws.


How can we dare elect

only those who select

to blatantly ignore

all the sick and the poor

huddled masses who yearn

for some hope on our shores.


Maybe we should tear down

that fair lady who stands

with a torch in her hand

gazing over our land,

Long ago we made war

against all poverty

it's a war we're still losing

it's time for victory.


It won't cost us that much

the naysayers spread lies

but whatever the price

hope for all is the prize.

Just remember how much

the Republicans did

to help all those in need

and each sick, hungry kid.


With no plan ever offered

just remain status quo

is that really the way

that your heart wants to go.


What would Jesus do now,

was he a socialist,

or did he just dismiss

needy folks in his midst.

He healed many for free

and commanded that we

help the poor and the sick

and aid the elderly.


So why's he that different.

from Obama who strives,

to do what God asked

so that all can survive.


Take a good look inside you,

figure what it will cost,

if you don't take the path

that helps save all the lost.


You might have

more in this world,

while they linger and die,

but what will God give you

when you look in "his" eye.


I am done pounding keys

you can do as you please,

just sit back and ignore it

or help fight to appease

All the critics intent

to undo what's been done.

grab a pen, take a jab,

till we all stand as one.


Apathy is a poison

seeping into your soul

take a stand make

some noise and

help regain control.

Here's the end

of our guilt trip

of railroading the poor,

it's time they

got on board

that's what America's for.


~~~~~~©-MFB III



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    • Sa`ge profile image

      Sa`ge 7 years ago from Barefoot Island

      Amen to you both, MFB abd and Mickey Dee; I might add I do not trust politicians, it matters not what party they belong to. While the front is talking reforms for the poor the back it talking reforms to war machine. Is all i am gonna say for now, if I get started I won't stop, to many injustices to humanity, can it be fixed? Not without throwing the bath water and the baby out. The reality of it all is that the elders are speaking out while the youth are dieing, and not just in the wars, look on the streets. No, I can not get started, I won't stop, i need to go for now. My brain wants to turn off, but it will not, ot till it is over and a new birth gives fruit to not only this nation, but ALL nations, not till there are NO weapons of destruction, and every man, women and child has the right to be healthy and can get healthy if they are not. Amen MBF and Mickey Dee, Amen!

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      You know I'm with you MFB. I'll surely put mu "hub" in line with yours. So much so that I have to say- there will never a thing of importance done by the republican party for the common man. I have no idea what and who can "swing that way". Even their stance on abortion is a lie. republican abortion means that republicans can go to France to have abortions. Republicans like to wait for the general population to get to the age of 18 before they are aborted. All the while they will slap a great all American bumper sticker on their rears so that everyone can falsely believe they are for our soldiers. there is no charity in them. They generally don't work. They make money with paper. These are not the brick layers and plumbers. Any true laborer cannot be a true republican. Everything republicans do- benefits the upper income. They steal. They cheat (business, courts, take your pick). They imprison and degrade. They have the moral minority fooled to the hilt. Sorry. I have a tic! It's uncontrollable. Unfortunately, I trust no one! I will never, ever trust a republican. We don't even see the same color of sky! They have no inclination to abide by the Golden Rule.