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Raiden Yamato: The Samoan Samurai [Part 3]

Updated on November 29, 2016
Image is a merger of two copyright-free photos taken by Simon Steinberger
Image is a merger of two copyright-free photos taken by Simon Steinberger | Source

"Jubei Mata [later known by his samurai name Jubei Minamoto] hated his afro, so he dyed his hair platinum blonde as often as he could. He spent money like a teenage girl dying his hair. Though tall and built like a European football [soccer] player with abs, Asian eyes and that wide smile, it was his hair that women loved the most about him. He loved women, and women were far too willing to put up with his nonsense. Honestly, many people called him a slut for having so many women, but I chose to have loving memories of him.” Madame Mele.

“In the Isles of Samoa was a young Samoan man named Jubei Mata [later known by his samurai name Jubei Minamoto]. He lived in the fishing village of Kou, known for its white beaches and diverse terrain and vegetation. Kou also was known for being close to the Temple of Tusitala.” Unnamed Samoan Historian

In the early morning in the fishing village of Kou, on the Samoan isle of Sā Vi’i [Sacred Praise], the village men, most of them young and child-bearing age, gathered at the beach with wooden spears, some carrying nets, for early day fishing. They walked into the calm foamy waves and wondered along the shoreline, spearing wondering fish, many of good girth. Before long the nets filled up and got too heavy for just one or two men to carry. As the fatten nets sat on the dry beach under the watchful eye of the village women, Jubei, one of the oldest of the men at age 26, goofed around and pulled numerous pranks on the other men, provoking communal laughter among the guys while annoying their witnessing women wanting them to finish their fishing and return back to Kou.

The women argued with their men to take their fish to the low-grass field next to Kou, owned by the Tusitala Temple, but to their disapproval, Jubei convinced his fellow uso [brothers] to gut their fish on the beach; this was not the first time Kou’s women had to witness the pristine white sand stained by fish blood and gut juices seeping into the coral blue waves of the ocean.

While the fish were split on palm tree logs and tropical leaves, the men chatted amongst themselves to pass the time, joking around in laughter over inappropriate humor. Jubei in particular dominated the crude dialogue with his x rated comedy, emphasizing his exaggerated knowledge of foreplay, and how to make women climax with the pinky finger. His peers busted in tears when Jubei bragged about his superior skills over adult film actors in performance and stamina, prompting mockery from some who accused Jubei of not understanding that porn was ‘fake’. Dismissive of his peers’ correcting his xxx knowledge, the Samoan goof-bull revealed details of his past sexual conquests of the village women, including a recent tryst with the village chief’s daughter Hana. The men ceased their criticism and listened as Jubei went into detail of how he seduced Hana – completely unaware of the women, including Hana herself, hearing the entire conversation.

Suddenly, a pe’ahi [fan] whacked Jubei from the back of his head; the boyish prankster went silent as he turned to see Hana glaring over him. She quickly blasted him with verbal insults at his manhood, waving her pe’ahi at his face while lecturing him about respecting women. Most of the other men laughed at Jubei, but their women and sisters approached and whacked them with their fans, shaming them into silence.

Hana grabbed Jubei by the hand and pushed him against a palm tree in the shade, mad with closed fists. Jubei attempted to speak, but Hana put her hand on his mouth, warning him to shut up if he valued his manhood down there; Jubei said nothing at that point. As the others prepared to return to Kou with the gutted fish, Hana said to Jubei, with several other women nearby and close enough to overhear her with a bit of confusion listening to her words, “Do you want Tua or Pua to act like that? Using women like cum buckets and blab about them behind their backs?!” Jubei shook his head. Hana stormed off, seemingly carefree of her friends’ baffled staring.

Image is a merger of two copyright-free photos taken by Simon Steinberger
Image is a merger of two copyright-free photos taken by Simon Steinberger | Source

Later that day, the men arrived to their village with four full nets and were greeted by relatives, mainly their cousins, uncles and aunts, and kids coming back from playing with footballs. However, as the kids focused their attention on their returning moms and aunties, the guys, including Jubei, had a brief opportunity to sneak off to the bush, their perfect spot for a smoke break.

“Jubei, Jubei”, an elderly woman called out near her family’s grass thatched hut; she spotted Jubei hiding behind a wide brush plant. Stern in her appearance, she strolled to the bush field, carrying her bamboo stick, though she walked on her own feet. The madam grabbed and pulled Jubei to the open field near the hut and, not caring that others watched in humor, snorted Jubei’s lava-lava several times. The scent of tobacco mad her mad and she whacked Jubei’s left leg with her cane. Waving her pointed finger at the younger Samoan, the elder yelled at her grandson for smoking, saying, “You want Tua and Pua to smoke as well?!” Jubei shook his head.

Jubei’s grandmother dragged him to the work shed near the village chief’s fish ponds. There a large pile of coconuts were assembled to be cracked open and drained for their juice; Jubei was assigned to crack all of them alone. He asked his grandma why he had to prepare the hard fruit by himself; she whacked his leg right after his question with his cane. After Jubei hopped around for a second, his elderly relative pointed to the gathering of the younger village women standing far behind him, their arms cross folded and faces glaring in cold silence. Among them was Hana, standing next to her father, Kou’s chief Vaipuna Kamela [Boiling Water Camel]. Tall and bulky in his ceremonial attire and headdress, Vaipuna held his own bamboo stick, thicker and longer, tapping it on his palm in intentional slow repetition. Frightened by this collective display of discontent, Jubei immediately ran to the coconut pile, grabbing the nearby knife for fruit chopping.

Vaipuna turned to Hana and asked her in a blunt manner, “Of all the men in our village, you picked Jubei…why?” Embarrassed, she walked away from her father. Jubei, his back turned to the village chief, quietly giggled overhearing the leader’s spat with Hana. As he sliced his knife through thick coconuts, Jubei murmured to himself, “Hana pisses me off sometimes, but…her p**** was nice and tight.” A cane whopped him upside his head right after he said that; his grandmother hovered over him and yelled, “No talking.” Jubei was silent the rest of the time he worked.

Jubei spent almost all the remaining sunlight cracking his crop, plus the cleanup and pouring the coconut water into large containers, and moving the full containers into the work shed. His peers had finished their work hours earlier and were spending time with their families before heading out for the night life. As the sun set, Jubei swept up his last pile of coconut dust and looked to the sky in boredom; catching his attention was a far off plume of smoke rising out of the jungle landscape, greatly distant in the village’s background. Looking at the smoke briefly, he shrugged it off and returned to cleaning.

Evening came and the Red Love Delights, a circular hut bar at the southwestern corner of Kou, opened its doors to eager young customers carrying spare gold and silver coins, most of them young men [some posing as single]. Inside while drinking beer and playing pool, the youthful males enjoyed the company of attractive middle-aged women, self-described as ‘milfs’; beside serving drinks and belly-fattening appetizers, these cougars hosted multiple spin-the-bottle games [with benefits] for the most attractive men they fancied. The bar manager had an employee to check the multiple condom and Plan B dispensers once an hour, especially when the bar reached its patron capacity.

Jubei was one of Red Love Delights’ most reliable regulars, often seen sweeping the pool games, singing karaoke songs [mainly David Bowie’s “Scream Like a Baby” and Donna Summer’s “Last Dance”], and playing spin-the-bottle with the cougars [for the ‘benefits’]. But for the past few weeks, Jubei sparely came, and his rare visits were brief, hardly making time to say hello to his bar friends and the cougars he ‘benefited with’. That night was his first visit in over two weeks; the bar manager asked Jubei about his long absence; Jubei said, “I can’t be away from Tua and Pua for too long.”

Jubei didn’t stay long. While his peers partied at the bar, Jubei spent the evening at the Medical Cove. He sat in front of a mildly lit fire pit, anxious and deafly quiet while watching the village’s medical priest examine infant twin boys. Usually alone, that night he was accompanied by his friend Yona and brother Kenji, both whom were standing against the wall near the doorway, giving Jubei space. He barely moved and had a blank face, except for the frown that stood out from the sweat that made his face glow from the weak flames. He waited for the priest to say something about his baby boys, Tua and Pua.

The elderly priest first held Pua, the light skin brown twin; he cried the loudest. Then later, the priest picked up Tua, the dark brown twin that barely fussed. Both twins had suspicious black spots around their belly buttons. Once both babies were placed back next to one another on the floor matt, the priest gestured for Jubei to come to him.

Jubei ask the priest what was wrong with his sons; he tightly held his hands together, an apparent attempt to keep them still as they trembled. The elder figure placed his hands on Jubei’s shoulders with a face of visible dread; he told Jubei in a bleak tone, “I’m sorry, my boy. It is as we feared. The boys’ mother could not stop the infection transfer with the remedies we’ve provided her in her pregnancy. Your sons have demon blood.” For a brief moment Jubei did not speak, his eyes wondering to the ceiling, tears enveloping. After rubbing his arm on his shaken face, wiping his eyes dry to the point of reddened soreness; he thanked the priest for his honesty. Jubei stepped away from the priest and walked to his sons; kneeling down he watched Tua and Pua wiggle and squirm on the matt. As he viewed his sons’ tiny black spots, Jubei briefly closed his eyes tight and sucked in his bottom lip, the tears running down his cheeks, as he weakly whispered loving words to his boys in Samoan, softly touching Pua’s little feet.

Image is merger of two copyright-free photos from Pixabay
Image is merger of two copyright-free photos from Pixabay | Source


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