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Raiders of The Lost Nuggets

Updated on April 26, 2018
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Elle Fredine (RedElf), photographer, published author, Elle loves seeking out new writers, and catching up with old friends

It's that time again, folks. After a week of research, of poring over ancient maps and deciphering clues, of hacking our way through dense jungles and of searching across trackless wastes, we are once again closing in on the legendary treasure of Hub Pages - the fabled, golden HubNuggets.

After a week of poring over ancient maps, hacking through dense jungles and searching across trackless wastes, we're closing in on the legendary treasure of Hub Pages - the fabled, golden HubNuggets.

Our journey has taken us far from the icy comforts of home and keyboard, far from the frozen wilds of mysterious Canada, far, far from our comfy box-seats at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, as we crawled through dark, snake-infested tunnels and clambered over crumbling ruins in search of the golden hoard...and you thought we were taking it easy after the Christmas Holidays!

Our never-ending quest for Hub excellence has spanned the vast continents of cyberspace. Our intrepid team has faced untold hardship and dangers - OK, we nearly got lost once because I sat on the map, and we almost ran out of Butter Tarts - almost! We didn't actually run out, c'mon guys!

Nevertheless, we have labored long to uncover these genuine nuggets of hubbing at its best. Now it's up to you to evaluate our amazing findings and choose the cream of the crop. Simply read the HubNugget Wannabe hubs below and vote for your choice. One vote per customer, per category.

The HubNuggets Team
The HubNuggets Team

Our Photo Journal

Deans Rudd and Menayan, finalizing plans for the dig.
Deans Rudd and Menayan, finalizing plans for the dig.
Professor Inglish checking map co-ordinates.
Professor Inglish checking map co-ordinates.
Finally we catch sight of the fabled tomb
Finally we catch sight of the fabled tomb
Ripplemaker working her special magic to soothe some accidentally disturbed local wildlife
Ripplemaker working her special magic to soothe some accidentally disturbed local wildlife
The press corps is anxious to inspect our find.
The press corps is anxious to inspect our find.

The HubNuggets Team

Maddie Ruud, Hub Pages employee and Dean of Archeology and Unearthing Valuable Artifacts, this noted scholar, Hub Pages Moderator, and Communicator of Awesome Fairness brings a new era of research and explorations to the entire HubNuggets Department.

Dean of Marketing Studies, Jason Menayan, Hub Pages employee and newly created Communicator of Awesomeness, is putting his own stamp on the Department while helping Maddie fill the vacancy left by former Dean Hupfer.

Head archeologist,Indianderson Shirleyleads our intrepid band of HubNugget Wannabe excavators. Her patience is legendary, and her nose for excellence has unearthed rare and valuable HubNuggets Wannabes that might otherwise have gone undiscovered.

B.T. EvilPants, Freelance writer, Jackalope-of-all-trades, butter tart lover, evil genius, and all-round great critter to have your back while crawling through snake-infested tunnels - or when you can't get the truck started...he can read the owner's manual to you in any of several languages.

Professor Inglish, Master Scribe and inscription decoder extraordinaire...her skills in deciphering ancient texts are second only to her knowledge of the arcane and obscure, as well as her understanding of what constitutes a great HubNugget Wannabe hub.

Ripplemaker - angelic cheerleader, HubMobile driver, and font of amazing positivity - this savvy hubber scouts on ahead of the team, sifting through untold hubs to celebrate hubnugget wannabes

Zsuzsy Bee, transportation captain on this "dig". Having already gained an awesome reputation as a great hubber and fun, supportive gal, she will be scouring Hub Pages seeking likely candidates for HubNugget fame and glory.

...and RedElf (that's me) - writer, poet, photographer, intrepid navigator of the little-known and less traveled by-ways of the Hub Pages (OK, I was the navigator 'til I sat on the map - now I'm the baggage wrangler), and purveyor of fine butter tarts to discerning jackalopes.

The HubNuggets Official Archives

Fresh from the vaults - HubNuggets
Fresh from the vaults - HubNuggets

...The Fabled Storehouse of Potential Hubnuggets...

Every seven days the HubNuggets Team begins its new research cycle, poring over each of the thousand plus hubs published in that week's selected topics, in search of the elusive "wannabes".

Here's a never-before-seen shot of the HubNuggets archives we navigate each week, seeking the best of all the potential HubNuggets hubs.

Some Great Shots of the HubNuggets Team In Action - enjoy the Team's fabulous theme music while you check out the wannabe hubs

The Golden Treasure

Golden Hubnuggets, circa 2010 - recovered on a Hub Pages cyber-space dig by the official HubNuggets expeditionary team
Golden Hubnuggets, circa 2010 - recovered on a Hub Pages cyber-space dig by the official HubNuggets expeditionary team

Here's how it used to be done...

There were 6 (six) candidates in each of 3 (three) topic categories, all vying for your vote.

The top three in each category, a total of 9 (nine) lucky winners, would be featured in the Hub Pages Weekly Newsletter, which had circulation of about 50,000 readers.

There was a new contest next week (and each following week) with a different set of topic categories. The topics changed each week, so a week's topic categories wouldn't come up again for approximately 7 weeks. That gave Hub Pages a chance to feature all the topic categories equally, in turn.

We hoped this would raise the visibility of our HubNuggets Weekly Contest and increase the potential for views of the deserving HubNuggets Wannabes. Please take time to check them out and please leave us some feedback to tell us what you think of our up-and-coming Hubbers.

At last, the recovered artifacts, displayed for all the world to enjoy -

The Golden Hoard of HubNugget Wannabes...

Which one of this week's Health nominees is your favorite?

  • 25% Visualization: How to use it
  • 8% The Hoarder
  • 20% The Health Benefits of Coffee
  • 13% Someday I'll See Without These Frames
  • 12% Phobia Of Clowns
  • 22% Growing up with Aspergers
189 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

Which one of this week's Entertainment nominees is your favorite?

  • 30% 10 Greatest Bar Songs of all Time - Ever
  • 17% A dozen great films from 2009
  • 17% Anime For Girls
  • 8% Music from all around: My fight against music snobery
  • 12% The History of Black Country/Western Singers
  • 17% The Horror, The Horror, The Horror
60 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

Which one of this week's Business & Jobs nominees is your favorite?

  • 35% 5 Ways Temping Can Help Your Career
  • 19% Free Advertising for Small Businesses
  • 11% How to Make it Doing Voice Overs
  • 19% Older Worker - You've Got A Leg Up On The Whippersnapper
  • 7% Setting Up a Restaurant – How to Minimize Mistakes and Failures in the Business
  • 8% Telemarketers Are People Too: Things You May Not Know About The Business And The People We All Love To Hate
72 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

What was the criteria for being nominated? - Test yourselves with this fun informative Pop Quiz!

view quiz statistics

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