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Rainbow Tears

Updated on July 26, 2016

Rainbow Tears

Love and hate aren't far apart, like teardrops to a cheek

You can make or break a heart, upon the words you speak

Don't let the noise disturb you inner peace, or the haters words slip up all the goals you've already achieved

Many would kill to see you fall, to someone strong it won't matter at all

Most won't support you, for fear of what you could become and the more intelligent the woman, the harder it becomes for her to find someone

You can't redo the past or undo what's already done, each day a new chance to build what you want your life to become

Five steps forward one step back, sometimes a part of fate oddly is for you to temporarily get off track

Maybe there was another lesson you needed to learn, or maybe your life just needed an extra hard sharp turn

But never give up and nobody can tell you that you quit, people's words can be sweet like candy or poison like venom when they're spit

I choose to stay positive, see the good, and uplift, some are better loved from afar their presence like an anthrax IV drip

All you can do is send your prayers and continue to hold your head up high, in the end the only thing you have to answer for is how and why you lived your life.

© 2016 Marlena Rochelle Neely


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    • marlenarochelle profile image

      Marlena Rochelle Neely 21 months ago from Mckinleyville

      much appreciated :-)

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 21 months ago from london

      So true. Much wisdom, here. Excellent poetry