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Raindrops into Tears

Updated on November 7, 2011


Can anyone feel my pain
can anyone also hear my screams
these are the things i've experienced
my life has been a little rough
but its just so hard to act tough
through my life I was bullied
i was very humiliated
but did anyone care?
nope everyone just pointed and laughed at me
but look at me,im living my dreams
no one is ever gonna stop me from being me
no one is every gonna stop me from reaching my destiny
people make look me in face and say you cant do this
but I just laugh and say thats just a bunch of bullshit
people dont believe in me,why should I believe in them?
it felt like i was a doormat being walked on
but this doormat does have feelings
and says to anyone bring it on
ill face any challenge head-on.


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