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Rainy Love

Updated on April 25, 2017

Rainy Love

ainy Love
We are sitting alone in the park again, sipping our coffee
The wild green park that smelled of nature
The vast sky blue and grey, the wind cold and fresh
Animals start fleeing and papers on the ground starts to pick motion
And here we are chatting and laughing, not to worry a single bit
Oh there is quite a storm coming, I say
Then lets enjoy it! , you say
Sure !
And we both laughed
The clouds thundered far away and lightning flashed across the sky
But it was not us they were mad at
Then came a calm light shower of rain, bringing with it joyful bliss
And you grabbed my hands and we went on our merry adventure
And the rain started getting wilder every second
And the tress swaying from side to side, spraying cold drops all over
Drenched wet as we laughed and talked about things we loved
Not knowing to where was it we walked
And there’s a quiet beauty in nature when the heaven weeps
And in this rainy walk with you, I feel all my pains dissolved
My sorrow has become softly blurred, washing away my worries
Just like everything in this gray rainy landscape

And when we entered the grass fields
We started dancing and jumping in the downpour to music of the rain
Along with the leaves on the trees that danced with us in ecstasy
And there’s a calming sensation from glass to the grey sky
This rain has unearthed certain emotions within me
Or perhaps its your aura beside me that’s doin this
Perhaps it both of you who have made me so crazy
Yet I feel so free and loved and my heart opens its windows

And then we entered the wets woods
In hopes of cutting ourselves from the rest of the world
And enjoying some quiet moments, of togetherness and fun
It was a different world here
The intoxicating smell of the leaves and the wet earth
And the lichen and mosses at our feet.
The sound of raindrops crashing against the leaves and rocks
And the wild life singing in joy.
And the thundering got louder and rain drops fell harder and colder
Our dear forest told us not to worry about

And we came across a big rock on which we sat
Cold from the rain but we had each other to warm us
And we sat there, hair clinging to our faces
Clothes clinging to our bodies, and us clinging to each other
Just you and me, the rain and the forests
In those few moments of eternal bliss
We both felt so joyously alive and knew no fear
Locked in the spell that the nature has cast upon
We were peace with ourselves and the world
Both of us drunk with each other’s presence
This rain has got a fine art of love
And I wish it would stay like this forever
And I would stay in this pretty bliss forever

By Abdul Moiz Khan


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