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Raise the sun

Updated on February 9, 2012

The world is not lacking in beauty;

Living in the heart of the city,

There are countless wonders waiting for us to explore.

There are countless hardships waiting for us to experience.

Face life, laugh at our own sufferings, and raise the hearts of the sun,

A life blooming, wonderful and eternal.

Everyone must die,

But loyal hearts will remain shining in the pages of history.

Your heart may be embroiled in haze,

But it does not matter,

When you are melancholy,

Ambitions can sometimes help you to sail smoothly.

Along the road of life,

There are always rays of the light of dawn you can behold,

And the sun raises your heart as

The dawn of success surrounds your side.

We will find that the sun of the hearts of every person is different-

They can be small

For an encouragement,

For a recognition,

For a handshake,

For a smile;

Or they could be prodigious

For a winning,

For a lifetime of happiness.

As you raise the sun,

You will regenerate fallow plots of land

Where your fruits of labour will abound.


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