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Ramapithecus Boogies

Updated on March 25, 2011
Ramapithecus Boogies
Ramapithecus Boogies | Source

Hey, check out prehistory’s original break-dancer!

Rollin’ dem bones is Ramapithecus! You may know him by his Mesozoic mudflats moniker of ‘Ram-dMC’. But whatever you call him, it’s obvious he’s one of the skippiest skeletal skidsters to ever make the scene.

Skeptics claim Ram is but a mere shadow of his former self — that he’s lost some style (and perhaps just a bit of body tissue) since the days of his signature Cretaceous crawls and Jurassic jumps. But true fans trust in the Triassic triumph and the antediluvian antics of this intrepid Ovis canadensis.

So just fade in some samples, amp up the beat, get set to scratch, and let’s pop it once more!


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