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Fun with words!

Updated on September 10, 2014

blab a bit!

Slide Show!

Toadying his master

With toasty dishes

He tods his way

To be a topper!

Marshy Mellow!

Plonking in

A gulp to glory

He plodded on

To plop into a gloomy pit!

Crazy Care!


Was I

A lummox in lunacy

Loading and unloading

The responsibilities of life

Like a lumper!

Rugged Rummage!

Playing rummy

With brimful rum

In a rummer

Ruminated he

On rumpus rumour!

On Minding Menace!

Medleying melodies

Menu menagerie!

Pygmy Piebald!


Is pilfering my heart

With pied eyes!

Space Delight!

Sloshing hues

On an azure sky

Snapped I

A rainbow

Out of the blue!

Startling Beauty!

A flushed bird

Became I

Slushing at

The blushing bride!


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