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Rambling Poem

Updated on April 21, 2011

Maybe theres a hidden meaning but I don't think so.'s like you're the only kid in town so jump and spin and twirl around, skip a beat turn up the sound, but if you're looking to be found get off the plane, return to ground, there's no place for looking back, you are so off the beaten track, hopelessly hopelessly lost in a crack. Fall in, climb out, walk up, ride down; again you're the only kid in town, a nonsense rhyme from Doctor Clown will leave you reeling all around, get off the train if ya had enough of all this cloudy freaky stuff, a real bear isn't filled with fluff. Under the skin is where it's at, limabeans and Babe Ruth's bat. A nonsense rhyme from Officer Clown, he's the one in the saddle he's come to town, a merry professor here at last, an atom bomb is such a blast. If you need to go to ground wait for the blimp to fall all the way down. If you cannot fill you're daddy's shoes, put your chips up, play to lose. Winnings never been as great as riding backwards through the gate. falling off your horse who drowned, tumbling, trembling, tumbling down...

Say hi for me to Mister Clown.


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