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Ramblings and Gibberish of a Disturbed Man

Updated on October 29, 2016

Don't Go Bananas!!

This is yet another sign for the ever popular keep calm series.
This is yet another sign for the ever popular keep calm series. | Source


A long, long time ago, longer then you would think. (pause), I have to explain my thoughts to a slow dictator of my writings, (breaks out into laughter). It is usually sadness and even joy that I feel but on occasion I see shadow men who scare me but also feel me with anger while they are in my presence. Bibble babble drabble and alrighty then. You feel me. I'm already hip. Keep up with the plot and then it will all fall into place. It gets better as it goes, it has to.


Disturbing Art By Mentally Ill People (Video)

My Mind is in the Clouds


Random Thoughts

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. R.I.P. Champ.

Boxing is a dangerous sport but, fun indeed. The toughest contact sport without a shadow of a doubt.

How come I have to have on shirt and shoes for service at a gas station? confusion reigns.

Do not drown with your weight belt on.

I am capable of really anything!

How does it feel to be the #1 guitarist? Eric Clapton was asked. He said, I don't know, ask Prince!

I can't go anywhere that flipflops are not allowed! Weirdo resides here and there!




Speak Loud & Clear

Most people get annoyed to have to repeat themselves and, they may be told, they are speaking gibberish.
Most people get annoyed to have to repeat themselves and, they may be told, they are speaking gibberish. | Source

Gibber Jabber

When I hear the words gibber jabber I think of a person who rambles on about a certain subject. They can talk for hours and hours depending on how much you want to know. It is usually something they feel they can intelligently carry on a conversation about. If this particular person knows deep down inside that they do not know about a subject they might do what is called gibber jabber. This would would be a way to kind of just make yourself talk, not really make sense, maybe even stutter and beat around the bush. I am spoken of in naive form and do not know what it is to know my gibberish. If you can think it write it down. Well...sometimes do and maybe others do not.


Things that are Disturbing



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Hygiene Talk

Brush your teeth 2-4 times per day and use mouthwash and floss every day or 2. In case you did not know, use deodorant daily and please wash and shampoo your hair daily. Dang, I can not believe I have to explain this to so called adults. Wash your hands after using the restroom and before eating even though it should go without saying. Clean up your act. Keep your toe nails and fingernails neat and clipped evenly. Take a shower every day of the week if possible.


Horror Books on Amazon

Horror Smack Talk

Jason's Friday the 13th, Micheal Myers' Halloween and Freddie Krueger is the killer on Nightmare on Elm Street. These are fictional characters but Ed Gein who inspired several killers on movies was a real life freak. Hannibal Lecter and Norman Bates (from the Psycho films) were inspired by this maniac. As far as Chuckie or Charles Lee Ray the doll from Child's Play he is a joke. A 2 foot tall 3 pound tall can not beat a grown up.


Birthplace of Author (Alabama)

Creepy Creature

This is a very scary monster. To know it is living down the street is a virtual reality.
This is a very scary monster. To know it is living down the street is a virtual reality. | Source

A Creature on 2500 Court Circle

The garbage cans keep getting flipped over around the circle but everyone with a dog has it inside the house. Odd, but not enough. Monday the wires to the phones, internet and cable were cut on all 50 homes at Court Circle. Still not enough. Eight of the neighbors on the block set up state of the art cameras to catch all the activity going on in the nighttime hours. What happens next freaked them all out.

To be continued.....

Animation of a Crazy Person (Video)


Straight Jackets are for safety, not comfort, obviously.
Straight Jackets are for safety, not comfort, obviously. | Source

Crazy at Last

My name is Ms. Turnley. Most of my neighbors have lived around me for the time that I have lived here. I have some see some neighbors move, due to divorce and transfer of job. Some I hate to see go and some I do not mind if they leave. Some bring a lot of drama.

I believe that my neighbors children peel the bark off of my trees. I have looked out my windows in the front and the backyard in the daytime and yet, when I confronted the mother of the children, she always denies everything and sticks up for her children. Just like a mother should.

Nowadays, I just pretend to like my neighbor because she cuts my grass for a discounted rate compared to some and she is right next door. I am still suspicious of the children peeling the bark off of the tree. Get this, I looked out my front window the other day and the dog was peeing on my tree in the front yard!! Now I know it is going to die!!


Bizarre Ratings

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Some People Are People but the Others....

I ordered these Gucci sunglasses off of E-bay but, little did I know the truth they held inside. I opened up the box when the sunglasses arrived and put them on. I didn't think anything of the sunglasses being different until, a clerk I looked at looked very strange. I paid him and left. I can not explain it but, he turned Angelic for a moment. Weird I thought but, then I put the glasses away and did not realize the glasses were showing me things. A week later I went fishing with 2 work buddies on a paddle boat in the lake. put my Gucci wear onto my face and defecated myself withe vision my colleagues showed me.


© 2016 Buster Johnson


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