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Random Short Poems of MPG1st

Updated on December 5, 2010

What this is

A few random poems i wrote back in the year of 06 for a class. I (as always) just wrote what was on my mind at the time.  That happened to be my cats sunshine and midnight aka sunny and middi (i miss you middi so much.... -_-) , my days of randomly looking up at clouds (this was a time of calm before a large storm in my life), and then my readings into two different comic book companies historys.... and my picking sides of a many many year long war.

The Twin Cats

There once were twin cats that were funny

One of their names was just Sunny.

The others name was middi

Who turned out to be witty.

And now this poem is quite doney.


The sky

Blue and endless.

Seeming far out of reach

To all us living below it.

The sky

Heroes v.s. Villains


Nobel, strong

Writing, selling, making

Atlas, Underdogs, Traitors, Sellouts

Stealing, buying, falling

Sneaky, old



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