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Random Rant Number 1- Imagination

Updated on November 28, 2010

What is this?

From time to time my mind, heart, soul, (what ever you'd prefer to call it) over ride my brain and truly take control of my mouth or in this case hands. During this my thoughts over flow out and I say things (to some degree of wisdom or of what some can call madness [either way I got no clue where it comes from]).....

Where was I? oh yeah....

Well when this happens I normally turn to the closest person and start talking almost nonstop about one thing or another. Sometimes with this I amaze people or just creep them out. Either way the cause of this might be me over thinking.

Well that is what this is.... and I guess what you can call all of my "what is this?" things on my hubs.

Well time to get this one started.

(P.S. Thank you Nemo for being the spark to cause my brain to remember my theory about this and also reintroduce me to the cause of what started this exact theory of mine)

Where creativity might come from I asked?

Now this is something I have not thought heavily about for a long long..... LONG time....

until my dear friend Nemo (go check out her work on here by the way to thank her)

well yes Nemo told me to go watch the Movie "Cool World" *spoilers alert* bookmark this thing and go watch the movie I might accidentally ruin parts of it.

Well took me some time to find it but I did and I watched it.

But when she first told me about it I almost had no clue what she was talking about but I did remember parts of it and that it had Brad Pitt.

Well while watching it I remembered that I had once watched it a long time ago when I was 7.

I will get back to that. But first to explain a bit about the movie.

In the movie a guy is pulled into a cartoon world where he knows all the characters because he remembers thinking them up and creating them before. But clearly as the movie progressed he did not create them but just remembers them from his dreams when while he slept he entered the world.

The movie does a crappy job of explaining that point. Now back to me being age 7.

Now when I was young I was not like normal kids. I did to much thinking for one and I read the dictionary for fun. (Wait.... did that last sentance rhyme? [who cares that is just waisting time] yeah tis true hmmm there is a light one my phone that is blue....)

Ok twas a text message and I answered it.

And I cured myself from rhyming...

Ok back to my point.

When I saw this movie a long time ago I picked up on that little fact the movie skimmed over of the guy (Jack Deebs played by Gabriel Bryne) created his comic books through just remembering what he saw of Cool World in this dreams.

Getting to my main point!!!

Okay well that got my young brain buzzing.

Now I already had thought of the idea that there are many MANY INFINITE other realities. (yes reading the entire dictionary and encyclopedia at age 6 can cause a child to start having random hypothedical thoughts about this stuff..... trust me IT DID HAPPEN TO ME..... but I don't advice letting your child read it unsupervised as I did)

So yes with there being Infinite realities there are ones for every choice you made in your life. One for ever possibility where married a certain person over another. Ones where the only difference is you are of the opposite sex, a certain leaf on a tree fell of before another leaf, and even things as little as you having one less atom in your body. And then worlds where things are so different like dinosaurs still being around, the British beat the colonies in the American Revolution, and that everyone on Earth has 4 arms. ENDLESS possibilities.

There is no way to prove this, but the fact that our reality and universe is here shows evidence there could be others.

Now if there is really one reality for everything that means all our works of fiction are real somewhere else in their own world. As a child I loved that idea but, seeing this movie back then made me wonder... Is the only reason we think of our works of fiction is because maybe our minds(heart, soul ect.... ) somehow see into these other worlds creating our perception of an imagination causing us to want to write them down and share the stories with each other?

What if we think of the crazy, unreal things we do because somehow our minds reached out and touched that world.... or that world touched our minds?...... maybe....

Also another thought could be that our thinking of it gives birth to that world in its own reality.

So now thanks to my over thinking brain we get a chicken or the egg situation.... I am sorry for that but yeah....

It is an interesting thing to think about right?

Either way in the endless constructs of how Infinite realities are stacked this would mean there are groups of infinite realities where worlds can interact (like in the movie) and endless groups of them where the closest someone from one world can get to another is through thoughts alone.

So yeah.

Or I could clearly just be wrong on all of this an this is our only reality. Either way thinking of all this useless thoughts is purely for fun.So I do hope this random rant of mine entertained you even if for just a bit. So.... um yeah.... Thanks for reading.....

but then again.... looking back over my "crazy thoughts"....

It still can make one wonder...... "what if"

Comment/Say what ever you want/tell me how much you hate or like me area.

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    • MPG1 profile image

      MPG1 7 years ago from Eugene

      Um.... I was in Honners English all of high school.... and all we did was write long papers and do reserch for other papers and then write papers with arguments.... and then occasional write something fun...

      but in short we did not talk about grammar... well there was the one year but I kept getting distracted because I started to fall in love with this one girl.... so yeah... she broke my heart...

      so... Yeah I got no clue what conventional sentences are but it doesn't bother me because I just write what I write and I don't question how I write it.

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 7 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      LOL! Yeah, good question! You know, . . . .the stuff you saw in High school English! I sometimes create digressions that people that I consider WAY smarter than me say, "damn, that was one hell of a digression!"

    • MPG1 profile image

      MPG1 7 years ago from Eugene

      Thanks once again Wesman Todd Shaw for saying such wonderful things about my writing....

      Also what is this thing you call a conventional sentence?

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 7 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      LOL! Dude, you've got so much to say that you struggle to contain it all in a conventional sentence. Nice!

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 7 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      I like your writing style, my man, keep it going!