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From Robbers to Prison Breakers

Updated on November 16, 2015

From Robbers to Prison Breakers

Yeah. So much for that. I gave my eyes a break from looking at my computer screen when Steve yelled at me. “Joe! What are you doing? We’re on a schedule!” I turned my attention back to hacking. We were robbing one of the biggest banks in the country, so we expected heavy security, both in the computer and actual people. I didn’t want to trigger any kind of alarms, but Luke fired at one of the security cameras without telling us. My phonophobia kicked in and I flinched. While I reactively closed my eyes, I pressed the “k” on my laptop, turning the sirens on. Steve swore and fired at the locks until they gave way. “Guys! Grab whatever is big, shiny, and is probably worth a lot. Luke, don’t take the trays, you idiot!”.

I went to work hauling everything I could into my garbage bag. I took a couple of diamond necklaces, 4 uncut diamonds, and a photo frame embroidered with diamonds. Seriously? I thought What’s with this community and diamonds? I threw everything I could into the bags until I heard sirens. Steve cussed for a minute then yelled at us to get out. We started running towards the exit until we heard the police say that thing you hear on TV all the time. “Surrender! We will shoot if you provoke us.” Steve took a grenade from his pocket.

“Steve, wh...where did you get that?” I asked shakily. I couldn’t believe that Steve had gotten his hand on that kind of weaponry.

“Can’t shoot if they’re all dead, now can they?” He grinned, knowing the answer already. I shook my head no so he wouldn’t throw it. Would he listen? He stood up and threw it, and as a warning shot, the police fired close by. “Take cover!” Steve yelled. I stood there dazed until Steve pulled me behind the wall, out of the line of fire.

“BOOM!” The explosion was strong enough to give us enough time to escape from the building. We ran through the snow to our sedan. Soon after we hit the road, I felt like it was becoming pretty stuffy in the car. I rolled down a window so that I could get some nice, cool air. The police must have thought that we were shooting at them, so they started firing at us. One of the bullets ricocheted off the window and soon everyone was yelling at me to close the window. I did, but not in time for one of the cars to get close enough to shoot the windshield, cracking it. We started to slow down until Steve, who was driving, shot the glass until it broke. We started to hit 80 when one of our tires went out. “Son of a-” Steve nearly swore when one of the cop cars rammed into us. Steve tried to steady us to no avail. Another hit from the car and we crashed into a ditch. We grabbed the bags and started to run. The snow made it harder for us to run, and it became worse when Steve was shot in the leg.

“Steve! Grab my hand!” I offered my hand so that he could continue to run with us and was baffled when he refused.

“Give me all the bags.” He commanded. Luke, who had been running, came back and gave his bag to Steve. “All right, guys. You two run for it. They’ll capture me anyway. But, I want you to do one thing.” He looked at us with puppy dog eyes. I hate puppy dog eyes. “I want you guys to break me out when I’m in prison. OK?” Before Luke and I could say anything, we saw two cops trying to walk through the snow. The two of us ran away, and we heard handcuffs closing.

Five years later, one could find me looking at a crime scene with a large moustache on my face. I had become a private detective. At that moment, I was supposed to be looking at a dead body, but my focus soon shifted to a familiar figure. As I stared at the figure, I realized I knew this person.

“Luke!” I was astonished to find him here. I had heard that he became a jeweler who dealt particularly in diamonds. Ironic. “What brings you here to um, uh.” Yeah, I don’t know what city I’m in. I’d been moving so much that I had stopped paying attention to where I found work, as long as I found work. “Um, Arlington?”

Luke grinned. “Cupertino, man. You seriously don’t know that?” I thought about it. Cupertino? Why was that name so familiar?

“Oh right, Apple headquarters. I should have realized.” I should have realized because across the street there was a giant building with Apple written all over it. I mean, seriously, there was a giant Apple logo on the freaking building. “So, what does bring you to Cupertino, my friend? By the way, nice business you got going.”

“Thanks,” Luke shrugged “My company’s doing well, yeah, but there are more important things coming up.” He took out a piece of paper spattered with food crumbs. “Sorry,” he said while brushing it off. “I was eating while reading it. Look at it.” He shoved the paper towards me. “Actually on second thought, let me read it.” He began to read aloud. “Steve Nissa, age 34, has been successfully tried for 20 years in prison. He had been arrested by Officer Duckworth-Lewis. He will be sent to jail on March 3rd.” He left off as he grinned crazily at me. “Remember what he said?”

“What, you’re an idiot for taking the trays because they were shiny?” It was my turn to grin. Why was he here now? Why not later when Steve was put in? I remember that he and Steve had been the original two that had picked me up later.

“No,” he sighed, though still smiling. “Come and break me out of prison.” I tried to remember.

“Oh yeah. They put him in what, two weeks?” I asked.

“Yep. I had the feeling you needed practice. I needed some too.” He said the last part with some hesitance. He turned towards the exit and I followed him to his car. He unlocked the doors and motioned me to sit in the front with him. I looked at Luke as he started the car and stepped on the accelerator.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“My apartment” He replied. I put my seatbelt on and 5 minutes and several near-accidents later, we arrived at his apartment. It was low key, especially for a millionaire. We parked and went inside. It had barely any furniture except for a couch, a TV, and a line of glass stuff. Some were statues and others were bowls. He took the gun out and loaded it. He grinned then fired at four more targets without looking.

I slept on the couch while he slept in his bed. Since he was a millionaire, he said it was correct that he got the bed while I got the couch. I didn’t argue. Everyday, we would eat breakfast and I would hack something-streetlights, people’s phones, etc. It was fun to watch them running around, confused on why they suddenly lost $1,000 from their bank accounts or why all the signals showed red. 2 weeks later, we were ready.

Steve was being held at a high-tech prison. If it weren’t so technological, we would have problems getting him out of there. We drove up to the building and parked nearby. We walked up to the entrance. I started hacking at the metal detectors and allowed ourselves to pass in. We opened the door and walked inside. I was asked why we we had come.

“My buddy and I want a field trip of the police station.” I said with a grin. The asking officer smiled too and accompanied us to the elevator then pressed a button. The three of us went inside. I looked around for a security camera while Luke babbled about football or something to the cop. I checked on my phone for anything, and when I found nothing, I signalled to Luke. He took the cop out and let him fall on the side of the elevator. We waited for the ding to come and ran out when it did. A cop who was standing there was surprised when he saw us and stood there, mouth open, even when Luke punched him across the face. I made sure all the security cameras were off then tackled another cop. He fought back and it required Luke’s help to save me from suffocation. I went inside one of the side rooms and hacked the terminal. It told us that Steve was in cell 298 on the second floor.

I accessed the locks in the prison and unlocked all of them. The two of us watched as the doors for the all the cells open and saw a small crowd of about 20 prisoners, including Steve, walk out. They started to run for the exit. Luke and I heard a gun click. “One more move and you’ll see the guards-in heaven!”

We turned to see a guard with multiple badges adorning his shirt point a gun at us. Luke and I looked at each other uneasily when the guard fell down. We looked up to see Steve, grinning.

“I knew that you must have come when the doors opened. Good thing I came here too.” He smiled.

“How are you?” I asked, and he smiled as he patted me on the head.

“Questions later, but now we have to escape.” He looked around and ran the way we had come in. I started to think about how the two had been close, then remembered that Luke and Steve were the original duo that picked me up because they needed the tech expertise. I started to look at the walls. I could see multiple awards and wanted signs until 2 of them caught my eye. I stopped to read them. The other two stopped until I motioned for them.

“Keep going, guys. It’s smooth sailing for us anyway.” I spoke in a little bit of a trance. They nodded and continued to run. The two wanted signs read Steve’s and Luke’s names, both wanted for...manslaughter? I couldn’t believe it. I took my phone out and hacked the doors. I closed the main entrance. Now there would be no way Luke and Steve could get out without answering me.

When I got there, I found Steve and Luke beating the tar out of one of the guards. “Stop it! You idiots! You could kill him!” I yelled, fearing for the guard’s death. They reluctantly let him go. I helped the guard up and propped him up on the wall. Out of earshot, I whispered “Are they wanted for manslaughter?”

“Yes, they are.” That was all the guard could say before he passed out. I stood up and faced them, gritting my teeth and clenching my fists.

“If I had let you kill him, how many kills would that be? Your 52nd?” I said through clenched teeth.

“What?” The two of them spoke in unison.

“You heard me. I know you’re wanted for manslaughter. Why’d you do it?”

Luke grinned crazily. “‘Cause it was fun.” He took a gun out and pointed out me. “Sorry. ‘Cause it is fun.” I took my phone out and without them realizing it, turned off the lights. I ducked as Luke fired his gun and ran towards him. I tackled him and stole his gun. I ran back to my original spot. Hearing their voices, I fired twice to scare them. When I heard something fall, I turned the lights on. I saw their bodies two feet from me. I heard the guard gasp.

“No. I’m not like them. I don’t kill. It was an accident.” My voice was shaking as I tried not to cry.

“But you did. You killed them.” The guard looked at me. I knew there was only one thing left to do. I fired, killing him and shot the security cameras, just in case. I unlocked the door and ran away, towards a bleak future of a wanted criminal.


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