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Random poems from random thoughts

Updated on March 2, 2011

wondering what to say

Here I lay, this very day, wondering what I should say.

Should I laugh or play or just I just sit and stay?

Should I smile or should I cry?

Should I live or hope to die?

Should I write this poem for you to read?

Or should I keep it to myself with greed?

Is it worth the time it took?

You would have been better off with a book.

but still here I lay this very day wondering what to say.

victim of the web

What has the world become since 1993?

How has it changed you and me?

Has it helped the world, was it for the best?

I'm sure it has for some, but what about the rest?

What has it offered to better your life?

Or is it the reason you lost your wife?

Maybe it is the cause of your pain?

Maybe it has been the cause to your gain?

Are you a victim of the web?

Or has it become your friend instead?

Are you like Obama?

What kind of friend have you been to your fellow country men?

Do you truly love this country, or hide your thoughts behind a grin?

What have you ever done to make the life of your neighbor better?

Have you ever bothered, maybe something as simple as a letter?

What have you ever given to your nation that so freely gives to you?

Have you ever lifted a finger, or is your only contribution a little poo poo?

Maybe that tattered old paper is worthless in your eyes?

Or is it a treasure something that is the greatest prize?

Maybe to you it is just toilet paper, our Constitution?

If that is the case, to many it is, don't you think its about time for some restitution?

What is our problem?

I would like to ask our president one simple question?

Does anyone have a good suggestion?

It is obvious to me that his feelings are easily hurt,

Like a cry baby or some kind of little squirt.

Does he honestly not get why congress and Americans do not agree?

What question can we ask to make him see?

Everyone called Bush a criminal in his time,

Have you seen Obama's actions, and they way he whines?

The oil in the gulf is proof enough of his crimes and his view of you and me,

He cares not about the US or its laws, a dictator is what he wants to be.

Do you know he asked for his own police force, when told no he got quite bitter,

Do you know who else did this too, his name was Hitler.

Maybe Bush was not perfect, and made some mistakes,

But if he was here now, I would throw a party and bake a cake.

What is the perfect woman?

what would make the perfect woman, maybe all she needs is just hands,

maybe that would be a good place to start the plans.

Or maybe enough would just be to add some eyes,

as big and bold as a pizza pies.

Maybe we could make her from straw,

or leave her how she is and call it a draw.

maybe a woman with not mouth,

that surely would not draw a relationship south.

Maybe we can make her with no brain,

then maybe she wouldn't drive us insane.

Oh my, oh my, all the wonderful things we could do,

if the design of woman was left to me and you.

I guess it is a good thing it was not up to us,

but if it was, she surely could not fuss.

I guess woman is perfect the way she is, nothing changed at all,

To bad we can't change ourself, take away our ears and all.

I hope you guys enjoyed my terrible poetry, terribly funny that is. LOL. Seriously though I am awesome ;). If you want to be more like me, well sorry it just isn't possible but you are more than welcome to try, email me with any advice or pointers you need if you are too ashamed to ask in public. But you should never feel shame for wanting to be more like me, it is perfectly okay and understandable. Others will not judge you cause they are doing the same thing ;) 

LOL i hope you guys can enjoy my sense of humor. If not sorry.


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    • Sammi3Writ3 profile image

      Samantha Anderson 5 years ago from Florida

      This is my first day on this site and i came across your page and found it to be very entertaining. :)

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 6 years ago from Memphis TN

      Thank you for the Kind words. i am glad that I can help lighten your mood as we can all use that from time to time.

    • gulnazahmad profile image

      gulnazahmad 6 years ago from Pakistan

      You really don't have anything to say that is why you said so much in one Hub. Very funny and after reading so many complex Hubs today I am feeling relaxed since iyour Hub is simple yet has lots of depth.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 6 years ago

      Very beautiful poetry pintails! You are a great poet! You have several hubs here. Bush. Obama - it's all the SAME AGENDA. Nonsense really. Americans keep voting for lawyers. I'll vote for a lawyer too - right after they pave that road to hell with 100 lanes. I'll vote for a lawyer from Harvard - right after I wave goodbye to truth, to God, and all things decent. Sure, I'll vote for these lice that infect the world with their social diseases - right after pigs fly - right after these lawyers get on their knees to God for all the misery the courts of America have spread in this nation of "the land of the free" that is the most imprisoned nation on Earth. I will vote for a republican or a democrat when that 100 lane road to hell is frozen over.

      The perfect woman? Evidently the perfect American woman loves football - or at least the Super Bowl - or is this merely a ploy? The perfect American woman has to love shopping. I give up man. I have no idea what makes a perfect woman. I just know, I'm not in the running for whatever they're looking for. But - that may be for every woman out there. How would I know?

      Victem of the web? May as well be victims of the world. This world is the web. We are now- chained to the web.

      God bless! Great write! You are the poet!

    • Freya Cesare profile image

      Freya Cesare 6 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

      Greedy old man, that you really are! Even in age 28 already hold a wish to become grumpy grandfather which will live up the purpose to make everyone who love you miserable! And still you wondering what you should say? Let me told you, I have thousand words to say to you. So if you lack of words, come to me and I will lend my collection of words to you for free, but ... hmm... you should email me to know the circumstance in it. LOL.

      Trust me, I choose your company rather than a book because you have cute cat with you as a complete set! Or maybe it is the cat which make me can bear being with grumpy old man like you? :P (just kidding!)

      Woman is Perfect, Pintails. That is why we came after man. The first prototype usually have the worst problem, whether in design or in functionality. (:P) Most I think about it, most I understand, how what you called as worm is the best invention inside human being. (:P) Challenge me if you like, and let's see how bored you will in the end. (:p)

      Until then, Grumpy one. Get well soon. And don't dream about Obama too much, because he absolutely will only reject your love to him. Hehehe...

      Voted funny and awesome!