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Rants of a morose mind

Updated on November 21, 2014

See what you don't see

Life is short got so much to learn,
Have i reached the point of no return,
Everyone does and everyone will,
When the clock stops ticking and you crash and burn,
Turn to your lord before you return to him.
Try to make things right with each stroke of a pen,
But guess everyones got a demon lurking within,
Let him out don't let him win,
Lock him out don't let him in,
Guess the powerful,brave and the Wisest of men,
Have all fallen down to the power of sin.
So begin a new life take a step and break the chains,
Because whatever the weather is its destined to change,
Nothing will, nothing has ever stayed the same,
But how are we gonna change?
By sitting on our asses watching acts after acts getting entertained?
Watching those who sold their soul for 2 mins of fame,
Now who is to blame?
We're tamed into robots without a brain,
Early to bed early to rise,
Go do some work don't be so wise,
Do what you're told and close your eyes
Get a degree and find a wife,
Settle down sir because thats your life.
But i think there is far more to life!


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