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Raven New 52 powers

Updated on July 27, 2015

A change

Allot of things changed in the DC Universe when the new 52 began, there were also allot of things that remained the same. Some heroes never appeared and some where just merged into others to save space. Some have been given different powers or have been downgraded making them less powerful. Among many of these changes. Raven has not only been given a slightly altered origin but also given many new and different powers. this hub is about all the powers that the new 52 Raven has in store for anyone willing to challenge her. but to start lets look at her more familiar returning powers.


The power of empathy is the ability to feel and sense the emotions of others. This is in fact Ravens greatest power being able to not only sense a wide spectrum of people but she can also manipulate others emotions making them feel love, fear, happy, sorrow, hatred or any other emotion. She can also remove emotions turning them into soulless zombies, or she could per say remove the anger or pain in ones heart helping them during what could be very dark and troubling times.

The only limit to this power seems to be the writers imagination often times not using at all. However in new 52 Teen Titans issues 17-24 that Raven was in fact manipulating passions of love in the Titans Red Robin and possibly Wonder Girl and Solstice in order to cause conflict and break them apart for her fathers Trigon's planes. and Recently in the second volume of new 52 Teen Titans issue 8 Raven calmed the minds of a rampaging mob stopping them from hurting anyone.


Raven's has always been able to teleport across vast distances into other dimensions and at least 100 miles. However now it would seem that not only can she teleport across dimensions, but she can move across time as well as seen when forever evil inter grated into the series. Also the range in which she could teleport as been greatly improved given that she teleported Superboy all the way from New York to Antarctica as if it was not a issue.

Raven as always been more about portals rather then the common star trek teleportation where the person is destroyed and then reassembled at another location. Bearing that in mind she probably takes you through another dimension at high speeds and then puts back wherever you need to be.

Maybe this should be another topic of its own but since they seem to be connected it might be best to mention this here. She can also open up portals for prolonged periods of time and use it as a means to re direct attacks,


Raven can cast powerful spells allowing her to travel through time and space and even project false images or shoot powerful streams of energy capable of mass destruction or become transparent preventing Superboy from landing any punches. Raven must feel very confident in her magic abilities to not only talk down to Superboy but when threaten that he could kill her all she stated was "You could try."

We have yet to see Raven make full use of her magic however given that she is not only the daughter of a powerful demon but was also trained by him in how to use that power then reason would have to stand that she as much to deliver.

I suppose you could say that everything she does is magic. However I feel that while she is more in-tuned the mystic arts, most of her power comes from her unique biological nature being hybrid of human and whatever you would call Trigon.


Raven does seem to be able to move things with her mind able to move people and large objects with ease. show doesn't seem to use this power often but only when she needs to move something or when she is trying to keep someone from getting crushed.

What limits she has on this power is unknown, but if it is anything like the cartoons (which the comics are copying more and more it seems) then she could move things as large as buildings without to much strain.


Raven can manipulate the shadows to her advantage whether she chooses to hid in them or perhaps she may use them as some means of defense like making a large hand to smack someone.

I am not sure just what her limit is i this but I have never seen her hide in a persons shadow meaning her control may not be perfect or it may mean she simply needs something more stable then a human shadow.


Raven has the power of flight but just how fast she can fly is unknown.


Raven has the power to heal others reducing serious injuries to miner scratches. Also she seems to have a healing factor now much like Wolverine from the X-Men although I don't believe it works nearly as fast it can still heal nearly fetal injuries in a matter of minuets.

I don't know if this should be here or in a file of it's own but she also seems to be immortal now meaning time as no meaning to her.

Enhanced senes

Raven may have enhanced sense but to be honest the only thing I have seen is that she can see things that no one else can such has when she punched an invisible opponent in Teen Titans ether issue 5 or 6. When Red Robin asked her who she did it she replied "With vision like mine, it was easy."

Possible strength

I am really not sure of this one. Raven was seen pulling her brothers heart right out of his body through his back with no effort yet she felt that she needed a brick to help her knockout her invisible opponent. She may not have super strength or if she does it is not much like the peak of human strength.

New equipment

Among her equipment the only thing she really has is her suit which she seems to be able to call upon and manifest and whenever she pleases. Also her suit now has long claws capable of slicing through her opponents with ease although she does not use this very often. But it may have been the reason she was able to pull out her brothers heart so easily.

I don't know if this should counted as equipment or not but although I am not sure what issue it was, it was reveled that Raven is in fact a ruler of a dark world meaning that she has troops and armies that she can call upon. However given that she has not brought this up to her friends nor indeed made use of it she may not have these forces anymore and somehow lost them to Trigon.


Raven can fight for a long time but teleporting seems to tire her out quickly often needing to rest after three or four shots.

Last words

Raven's powers seem to reflect her cartoon self much more then it used to right down being able to fight hand to hand but preferring not to.

I would also like to say her cartoon self is still by fare the most powerful version of her out there wither you are talking about "Teen Titans" or "Teen Titans GO!". Thank you for reading this and please leave whatever comment you have to offer.


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