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Raw desire

Updated on March 24, 2014

You came completely

and unexpectedly into my life.

Working, minding my business,

and suddenly you were there.

Looking for a job, you said.

I hired you on the spot.

We were fully staffed already

but it didn't matter.

One glance at you

and any sense of reason vanished.

I felt a raw desire,

a hunger I'd never known.

I knew that moment

it was an insane desire.

Your hiring had turned out to be a 'good' decision.

So there you were,

hired for all the wrong reasons.

What a surprise when,

you became one of my best employees.

We flirted all the time

but I harbored no illusions.

No way this sexy twenty year old

wanted a guy twelve years her senior.

Then one night we were closing up,

everyone else was gone.

The store was mostly dark

as I stepped off a stool.

Turning you were there,

inches from my face.

My heart skipped a beat,

was this really happening?

But there was no doubt,

you were calling my bluff.

Nearly a year of being near you,

constant flirting back and forth.

But we had never touched,

nor had I expected to.

My mind raced in the dim light

no words were spoken.

Your smile spoke volumes

you were mine if I wanted.

I hesitated for all of a second

and then we were kissing.

Long, deep, amazing, it was as though

our lips and mouths were starved.

You tasted sweet, amazingly so,

in a way I cannot describe.

Though not from a mint or spray, no,

your mouth simply was deliciously fresh.

A sexual eagerness I had never experienced before or since.

My hands were on you

and yours on me.

Moments later without thought

naked, we had melted into one.

Over the coming weeks

we indulged our passion repeatedly.

How many times?

I'm at a loss to say.

So many years later I have trouble

remembering how you looked.

Thought I would be able to picture

your naked body forever.

The excitement and passion

those memories remain fresh.

But the clearest memory, to this day

is how wonderfully fresh you tasted.


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    • therunningman profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Rhode Island

      Thanks for taking the time to check it out Frank. Hope you read some of the other stuff as well.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      4 years ago from Shelton

      the running man this amazing... raw desire hmm the title alone really caught my attention :)

    • headshrinker profile image


      4 years ago from Western Massachusetts

      Whoa therunningman loved this! Wondering was this real or imagined. I suspect it's real because I find myself unable to remember the details of past loves that I would most like to relive. I too thought those pictures were seared into my mind yet I only recall bits and pieces:( Great job, voting up.


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