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Raw emotion poetry

Updated on July 19, 2017


Not knowing if you're good
Not knowing if you're ok,
Not knowing what to do
Not knowing what to say,
Not knowing what you're feeling
Not knowing why you do,
Not knowing if it’s real
Not knowing if it's true,
Overwhelming feeling
Taking over your mind,
This constant searching
Not knowing what to find,
Feeling so lost
Feeling so confused,
Mixed up emotions
feeling used,
Rolling back tears
With the urge to cry,
Feeling so angry
Not knowing why.

There's more to me than the color of my skin,
You don’t have to do much
Just look within,
No one’s born racist
No one’s born to hate,
I've had my share of experiences
Not sure if you can relate,
We’re different from you
Just like we’re different from each other,
Don’t label me
With experiences from another,
We're not trying to take from you
You need to understand,
All we seek is freedom
That’s why we chose this land.

Close your eyes and listen as I speak,
Listen closely and you'll see how weak,
How weak I've been feeling
How lost I am,
How strong I'm being
Cause I know I can,
I'm hiding emotions
You can't even imagine,
I've got all these feelings inside
But on the outside I'm laughing,
Are you still listening?
The things I've been through,
I wouldn't wish them upon anyone
If only you knew,
Tears shed reflecting the pain,
But there's a smile on my face
As I say I'm ok.

© 2017 Alma Damian


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