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Re-Inspire My Desire...

Updated on July 10, 2012

A Prayer For Renewed Inspiration Once Again:

Re-Inspire My Desire:

Lord...My idea is lost...My need is dire...

Please...Once agan...Light my heart's inspirational fire!

At a Crossroads…way out somewhere...I dropped the ball...

On the long stretch...On my marathon race…I hit the wall!

Yet in you...I regain my footsteps when I fall...

In my weakness…You helped me to stand tall!

And now...I will lift my banner back up into the air,

I will press-on...I will conquer further…I will dare!

So listen, Lord… my prayer...

This thing is dead without your wisdom...or your care!

I give it up to you…Do with it as you desire...

And if so willing...Help me...As only you Re-Inspire!

Born to reach out and give life my best...

Born to shrug off defeat...After every test.

Made to push my brain to its very limit..

Wanting to defrag all the unused files that are in it.

Learning to become all that I can...

Suffering from being a mere mortal man.

Take care to not underestimate the person you see,

The one that writes this is headed for Victory.

Not by my own hand…But from one above,

He conquered all around him…and he did it with love!

I am on a spiritual quest...

But only to the Next Level…I am one with the best!

For me...Well...I can re-activate my own wits...

Or I can fold my arms...and call it quits.

One thing yet…this is even more true..

I can’t do nothing at all...without you!

Go...and take yor world by storm.

Go and achieve the golden ring and place it on your finger to be worn.

But...Don’t think for a minute that you have it all...

(*) And find there’s no way to land on deck...after you "Call the Ball"!

Get ready to become someone less...

And let your Creator handle all the stress.

(**) For you are "The One"…Be sure of that…I am no liar...

Go out and make your ideas happen for our World…and then...Help to Re-Inspire!

Great Men of Old who had Magnificent Ideas:

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
Thomas A. Edison
Thomas A. Edison
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla
Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell
The Wright Brothers: Orville and Wilbur
The Wright Brothers: Orville and Wilbur

Footnotes to the above:

(*) Reference to my favorite movie of all time "Top Gun". I think one of the most gutsy calls there has to be is when a Navy pilot "Calls the Ball" to land on deck of a moving, rolling. pitching, aircraft carrier. "Call the Ball" I understand it refers to a mirror ball (or curved mirror) that lies right below the deck stern and the pilot uses this to judge the plane and deck position while descending towards it rapidly. In the book "Fast Movers"...written about the Jetfighters of the Vietnam calls this mirror ball/curved mirror...a "meatball". Hence: "Call the Ball" is the phrase for the pilot landing to take over guiding himself in to a swaying, twisting, floating deck runway...with no telling what kind of crosswinds. Ready to plant the thing on a deck the size of a postage stamp...when seen from above...and grab on by a hook to cables...before going over the side...after a short landing strip...and then coming to an instantaneous halt. Now...that's a gutsy call!

(**) Reference again to "Top Gun"...One of the many great lines from it is when "Charlie" first locks-on to the fact that "Maverick"...may just be more than another "hot-shot" flyboy in "Fightertown USA"...US Naval Air Station-Miramar. "Maverick" had been up against a (new-series) MIG...and witnessed its capabilities while he was himself (with "Goose")...inverted. Thus...making "Maverick"...the only other fighter pilot in the room with more priviliged (and classified) information than "Charlie". She then...immediately wanted to hear about this account first hand. She was now very intriqued...and started to plot an intercept course to learn more from "Maverick". You see it on her face...right there in the middle of class. She states: "So You're "The One"! "Maverick" just gives the all-time greatest smirk smile response. That is my all-time favorite movie quote. If you look through some of my writings: "The One" pops up from time-to-time.

Pictures Below are from the Movie: "Top Gun" (1986)

Classic "Top Gun" photo. This is my own personal...all time favorite movie...still to this day.
Classic "Top Gun" photo. This is my own personal...all time favorite movie...still to this day. | Source
"Maverick"...Smiling as "The One"
"Maverick"...Smiling as "The One" | Source
"Charlie"..."So You're The One!"
"Charlie"..."So You're The One!" | Source

Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved for ""Re-Inspire My Desire..."


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  • Candie V profile image

    Candie V 9 years ago from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

    You just never know! Maybe I'll join the leagues of Alter-Egos and do just that!

  • manlypoetryman profile image

    manlypoetryman 9 years ago from (Texas !) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

    Candie V: Thank you...humbly...for what you said in your comment...and thanks for reading my poem!

    "Yes" I know from where I get any and all strength!  To answer:"have you always written poetry?" My answer is: "Yes" and "No". I have always liked to create poems-but never looked at them seriously-as a way to express one's self...previously.I also like to write stories. I have one started in Fiction here...about a camp. Last year, I realized that I was writing poems as a mental break while writing a second draft to another story...and a bell went off in my brain. Mr. Manly Poetry Man was born then and has tried to see if Poetry can say a Manly Way...from that day!

    I hope your own writing journey continues to grow into more and more things, Candie sort of the same way (You probably don't want to write Manly Poetry!)...with many new things around the corner!

  • Candie V profile image

    Candie V 9 years ago from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

    Acknowledging the true source of your strength. This is a good thing! have you always written just poetry? It is a strength, indeed!


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