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Updated on October 19, 2014

Against All Odds

I was told many years ago newspapers gave us the news

So we can keep up to date with the current events

At a young age I believed what I read and read more

I found that each newspaper contained many articles and subjects

Too many to read at one sitting

Most people would read an article or two or a heading that caught their eye

The rest of the paper was left for the trash

I have seen times where people wouldn't even turn one page

Saying out loud I don't read the newspaper

It only has bad news and that depresses me

Don't you know all news is biased and told from the writers angle

Leading the reader to believe what they want you to think

Now contused and more upset

I still don't understand why?

Why couldn't I make a newspaper that carried only good news

All the good events

The real lives of people who are honest and caring

Not just one small article hidden behind all the bad

I became more and more excited by just the thought

As I told friends and family of my idea

They snickered it would never work

People don't want to read about kind people who do the right thing

It is not news

It's boring and dull

Bad news sells

That's a fact

Look around you

There has never been a paper about all good things people do

Nor there never will be

Advertisers pay for the paper

If people don't buy the newspaper

All the advertisers wasted their money

Would you pay money for a newspaper talking about average people

Not the worst of the worst in the world

Yes I would

Then your the only one

I took my stand and said I don't believe it

Don't you get it

Most people are good

There are only a few rotten apples that spoil it for the rest of us

Millions of people keep doing the right thing day after day

They never get the spot light they deserve

Going to work and trying to help other people any way they can

Being a good parent or friend

No drama

They don't contribute to the violence and major problems that rip apart our world

We have been buffaloed to think negative

Assume the worst

Now four decades later I decided to try it again

Having no experience or talent to do this properly

I am looking for other writers to work with me

What better place than HubPages

Where writers make the world pop

I throw this idea out the window

So the wind can blow it wherever it has to go

So different yet so right

Now is as a good time as ever

Let's see how magic is made

I read a saying the other day

Shoot for the stars and settle for the moon

Make it our motto

The name of the newspaper would be called The Best News

Because I can't think of anything better in life

That talk about real people

With real experiences

Not fabricated to make them sound good

Not tainted with unhappiness and disgust

This is what I want to read all day long

Never outdated because we make the right choice

Sharing and paying more attention to what really counts

I know I can't do this alone

With your help

Making a good thing even better

On line no printing costs

I can only see the good

Help me see the bigger picture

This is where my love grows and will never end

The best investment ever made

Putting time and energy where it counts

Leaving an impact on people everywhere

Starts right here

Right now


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 years ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee This seems like a good way to get the best out of the news. If you save on a sale or a bargain that is worth the price of the paper. I look for a good story hidden in all the mess. I cut out ads I like or certain catch phrases that mean a lot. I put them in a folder to review and write a story later on just one line. Thank you for reading and sharing. If you were to make your own Best News newspaper what would you want to read?I would start with the funnies on the front and the back. So I could start with a laugh and end with one too.No mater how my day went I would feel better. Making the choice to live a happy life. Have a lovely night.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 3 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      When I lived in NYC I remember noticing that people would look through a newspaper and take some kind of notes. I couldn't figure out what they were doing. All I saw in the paper was bad news and sometimes I didn't even want to read the paper. Then finally I discovered the secret. These people wouldn't read the awful headlines instead they looked at the social sites, looked for coupons, entertainment etc. Then they'd go home and look at their notes telling them on what page they wanted what. I never had time to do something like this but I did catch up on coupons on Sundays.