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Read The Words of Others

Updated on July 3, 2013

Read the words of others,

Hope that they can share,

Something that springs shudders,

Showing they have been there

Read the words of great people,

Hoping that they can show,

That they were once equal,

That they once did not know.

Read the words quoted,

On books and walls,

Advice should be noted,

Everyone has had their falls.

I scroll through the words,

That speaks of love, life & loss,

Hoping it will clear the blurred

In which I know not of.

I hold great comfort in knowing

That I am not the only one

To go through painful growing

That everyone has done

In the dark of night,

When all in the world is wrong,

Read the words of others,

They help you feel as if you belong.

In the dark of night

When all in the world is wrong

Read the words of others,

To help you feel strong


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