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Read Any Good Books Lately?

Updated on November 18, 2010


Perhaps one of my favorite past times is reading. Sometimes it may be a historical fiction novel other times it is a cookbook-especially those that contain stories to go along with the recipes. There are times when I want to indulge in my favorite genre of the mystery or and adventure story while other occasions when my reading is composed of websites magazines and short snippets that are related to my work. But one thing is the same, reading is what I do when I want to unwind-especially after a busy day of wordsmithing.  And whether it is a one of the Georgia authors like Terry Kay, Joel Chandler Harris or Lewis Grizzard or stories with lots of action and suspense, I can always count on a book to help me recharge.

Quite often, it is in reading a mystery novel that I stumble on a new focus for  a topic I have written extensively about while other days, I may be reading a tech magazine and find that perfect piece of information that makes my next computer article have a little bit of the unexpected. I have found that the simple pleasure of reading expands my mind-as well as my vocabulary-so that I am more aware of the world around me. In fact, in an interview with one of today’s renowned author, the question was asked what the author’s favorite hobbies were and the response was –yeah, you guessed it-reading because it helped “him” stay fresh mentally and creatively.


So, what is that you read? Are you a fan of the mystery with its twist and turns? Perhaps it is biographies of those who have lived in years gone by, but have made impressive contributions to the lifestyle of today? Who is your favorite author or do you have so many that you love it would be hard to list them all? Do read just one particular genre or a little bit of everything?

Enjoying a good book can be done many different ways. You can now listen to the audio book, download the story to portable devices, scan the web or use several other venues.  Bookstores abound and libraries are in virtually every city and town, so reading material is always accessible.  If you haven’t read any good books, then there’s no time like the present! Get a book and go on an adventure of your own!

What is your favorite genre of reading

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