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Reading Adventures With Foxy and Piggy in Beautiful Picture Book and Learn That Books Can Take Us to Many Places

Updated on July 1, 2019
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Go on a Reading Adventure With Foxy and Piggy and Their Book Club

Books can take us anywhere we want to go
Books can take us anywhere we want to go | Source

Books can Take Young Readers on Many Adventures with Favorite Characters and Stories

Emily Ford and Tim Warner introduce young readers to many adventures with favorite characters and stories in The Big Book Adventure with Foxy and Piggy. All young readers have favorite stories that they like to share with friends. Foxy and Piggy also enjoy sharing their favorite stories and characters. They belong to the Maple Leaf Book Club that gives them the opportunity to share a wealth of favorite books with everyone. Young readers will recognize many of the favorite stories as they go along with Foxy and Piggy to discover some great adventures.

A tea party with Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the rabbit is Piggy's first stop on his book adventure trip. Who has read about a mermaid in a favorite story? Young readers will also remember Red Riding Hood when Piggy runs along with her as the wolf chases them through the forest. Pirates and treasure are also part of the reading adventure. Piggy and Foxy also encounter Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

Foxy also knows that books can teach with instructions about building a rocket. He chooses a book to build his rocket and is excited to go out into outer space. Fly along with Piggy and Foxy on a magic carpet at the end of the day and share in their decision to share books with friends.

Tim Warner contributes his talent as an illustrator with beautiful brightly colored illustrations that add to the story of sharing favorite books.

The Big Book Adventure was published by Silver Dolphin Books and is recommended for ages 4-8. It has an ISBN of 978-1-684-12-378-0.

Bright Colors in Illustrations Add Delightful Memories of Favorite Characters from Books

Everyone loves adventures with Alice in Wonderland
Everyone loves adventures with Alice in Wonderland | Source
Piggy's adventure with Red Riding Hood
Piggy's adventure with Red Riding Hood | Source
Piggy finds treasure on the ocean floor from a favorite book
Piggy finds treasure on the ocean floor from a favorite book | Source

Bring Piggy and Foxy's Adventures with Favorite Books Into the Classroom

Picture books were always my favorite tool to use with my kindergarten class to teach a variety of lessons. My passion was teaching reading to my young students and picture books were my go-to-tools for teaching a love for reading.

Emily Ford's The Big Book Adventure has a wealth of ideas for use in an early childhood classroom.

*Read The Big Book Adventure in a group story time session. Call attention to the little characters Piggy and Foxy as they go on their reading adventures through the story.

*Piggy's first adventure with reading the story of Alice in Wonderland is the first stop. Have a copy of this favorite story to read a a later time. It might be fun to have read this story before reading The Big Book Adventure so that young readers will recognize Alice at the tea party.

*Call attention to the mermaid from a story that Piggy is reading. Provide a collection of books about mermaids in your class library.

*Piggy also loves Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Provide copies of these favorite fairy tales in your class library.

*Engage young readers in a group discussion of their favorite books. Piggy and Foxy belong to a book club. Provide a class opportunity for your young readers to form a book club to share favorite books with friends.

*Provide an opportunity for young readers to create a book report for their favorite book. Young readers who do not yet write can draw their book report.

*Engage young readers in a math activity to create a "Favorites" graph for books chosen. Create a graph with using the choices made by Piggy and Foxy from The Big Book Adventure.

*Celebrate reading favorite books after reading The Big Book Adventure with a class party. Party plates and cups with characters from favorite books can often be found in party supply stores.

Favorite Books for Your Own Adventures

What are your child's favorite books for their own adventures in reading?

See results

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